How to book UDAN Scheme flight tickets – UDAN YOJNA

Want to book a flight ticket under UDAN YOJNA?. This blog is for you. Travelling through flights was a luxury high-class symbol and generally rich people used to travel via flights.

But now India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it possible and easy for middle and low-class people to make use of flights at a cheaper cost by launching Udan Yojna in 2017 at Shimla by hosting a flag in the inauguration of regional flights between Delhi and Shimla.

The government’s budget for this scheme was Rs.450 billion. This scheme will operate for 10 years from 2017.

Udan here means “Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik”. this scheme will boost the number by litigating the development of India’s expected target of almost 425 unserved, underserved, underdeveloped regional airports with increasing the regular number of fights.

This scheme contains two components, first- is to develop new airports and improve the already existing regional airports to increase the number of operational airports for scheduled regular flights from 70 to minimum 150 airports from May 2016 till December 2018 (including army airports).

And the second component is to add hundreds of financially viable, capped-airfare, new regional flight routes in order to build a connection between more than 100 underserved and unserved airports in small towns with each other as well as with well-maintained airports in metropolitan cities by adding (VGF) “Viability Gap Funding” as per the requirement.

Some key points of this scheme are:

  1. If you are travelling in the range of 500 km then you are required to pay Rs 2500+ tax, if you are travelling in less than 500 km like 475 km the also you are required to pay Rs 2500+ taxes. On the other hand, if you are travelling above 500 km then you will pay according to Rs 5000+ taxes.
  2. Udan scheme is specially made to connect the regional small airports with less schedules travels and flights with airports of bigger cities.
  3. In this scheme airports of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, Banaras, Lakhimpur Kheri, Rajasthan’s Bikaner, and Jaisalmer, Gujrat’s Jamnagar and bhavnagar, Jorhat in Assam, Bathinda, and Pathankot in Punjab are included.
  4. In this scheme 50% of the seats in the flights will be fixed for a fare of max Rs 2500 and rest will be according to the market fares.
  5. According to this in fixed-wing airplanes, the time of the journey is estimated to max 1 hour and a half-hour in helicopters.
  6. In case of loss to airlines subsidy will be provided under VGF.
  7. The central government will have to reduce 1% VAT in security and fire fighting services for this scheme.
  8. No landing and parking charges will be applied on these flights.

Generally, if you want to book flight tickets you could follow 3 methods as described under:

1. Online booking

Online booking of flight tickets is the easiest and reliable way for your journey. It takes few minutes and you can book your tickets by comparing prices, baggage weight, deciding your own seats, class, etc by yourself in very little time by just sitting at home from your laptop or phone with online data connection or WIFI.

Many different websites are available online for this purpose like MakeMyTrip, Paytm, goibibo, Redbus, etc. Different offers and discounts are also available online and you can always compare the prices and get the cheapest deal in your hand.

It is always advised to book tickets before a month or so to avail the best prices because prices rise with dates going by.

You can book your meals and add extra baggage and also heck in by sitting at one place only.

No need to hustle and stand in lines like before. Just fill in the details the online sites ask for like dates you want to travel on, personal details like name, sex, and age, etc. Search for coupons if applicable and pay online using your debit/credit cards or NEFT and you will receive your tickets via text message an email.

2. Offline mode

Earlier when the online method was not so common and not available people used to go to the nearest airports and stand in long queues for hours and book tickets in the airport with cash and providing your ids’.

That process used to take a lot of time reading terms and conditions and all processes with the working person there and discounts were also not available. It is not so preferred way now in this online world.

3. Agents

Travel agents used to book tickets for people as people did not know how to operate online and were afraid of frauds and had a resisting sense of doing by themselves.

All you need to do is to give your details to agents and they will pay by their cards or online points and take cash from you for that with their fees.

So they preferred agents who used to charge fees for booking tickets but people trusted them with their details and just for saving time and for their ease they went for this way but now more and more people are booking online by themselves eliminating agents and their fees.

Sometimes they also used to take advantage of innocent people and indulge them in fraud activities and thug them. But this was the time when people were not familiar with the internet and system. Now is not that case.

Talking about booking tickets under Udan scheme which is launched to increase business and increase standard of living of poor and middle class people which will in turn increase the business and economy of our country.

Airports which were less functional and flights were less operated will get a boost and due to less fared tickets business will increase in those areas and in the long run will help in the growth of our country. Also if airlines suffer a loss due to this in the short-run government has decided to provide subsidy to them but this scheme is provisional for 10 years only to expand the airline functions.

  • For now airlines are supposed to keep 50% of total seats of airplane at capped fares while the number of reserved seats should be at least 9 and maximum 40.
  • All the seats in flights are not entitled to Rs 2500 fare. Only, the traveller will get 50% off only if he/she has taken the scheme otherwise they will have to pay the market price of the tickets.

Selected Flights for UDAN Scheme

  • Airline Allied Services (Alliance Air)
  • SpiceJet
  • Turbo Megha Airways.
  • Air Deccan
  • Air Odisha

Booking Process in UDAN SCHEME

  1. You can book tickets under the UDAN yojna online from the websites of the specified airlines.
  2. A traveler can also book tickets through different air ticket booking portals like Easemytrip and MakeMyTrip. All you have to do is apply coupon like “udan” in EaseMyTrip ticket booking session after selecting the flight of routes in Udan yojna.
  3. Generally flight tickets with the above-mentioned airlines are at capped prices only with every online booking portals.
  4. An airline operating under UDAN yojna is provided a subsidy on a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 40 seats on a flight if suffering a loss.
  5. The allocations under the UDAN scheme would be equitably spread across the five geographical regions of the country for a balanced growth across the nation.
  6. The UDAN Scheme will give a major boost to our tourism and employment generation will increase funds and living standards in the economy. The travel time in remote and hilly regions will be significantly reduced if this scheme is run in a proper manner.

Routes under Udan Yojna are:

Bhatinda to DelhiShimla to DelhiAgra to JaipurAgra to DelhiBikaner (NAL) to Delhi
Gwalior to DelhiGwalior to IndoreGwalior to LucknowKadapa to bangaloreKadapa to Hyderabad
Kadapa to ChennaiKadapa to VijayawadaLudhiana to DelhiNanded to MumbaiNanded to Hyderabad
Pathankot to DelhiVidyanagar to HyderabadVidyanagar to bangaloreAndal (Durgapur) to BagdograAndal (Durgapur) to Kolkata
Burnpur to KolkataCooch Behar to KolkataJamshedpur to KolkataRourkela to KolkataRourkela to Bhubaneshwar
Bhavnagar to AhmedabadBhavnagar to SuratDiu to AhmedabadJamnagar to AhmedabadAdampur to Delhu
Kanda to MumbaiKanpur (Chakeri) to DelhiKanpur (Chakeri) to VaranasiKullu (Bhuntar) to DelhiMithapur (Dwarka) to Ahmedabad
Mundra to AhmedabadPantnagar to DehradunPantnagar to DelhiPantnagar to HyderabadPondicherry to Chennai
Pondicherry to SalemShillong (Barapani) to DimapurShillong (Barapani) to ImphalShillong (Barapani) to SilcharShillong (Barapani) to Agartala
Shillong (Barapani) to AizwalPorbandar to MumbaiAmbikapur to BilaspurBilaspur to AmbikapurBilaspur to Raipur
Jagdalpur to RaipurJagdalpur to VizagJaisalmer to JaipurJalgaon to MumbaiJeypore to Bhubaneshwar
Jharsuguda to BhubaneshwarJharsuguda to RaipurJharsuguda to RanchiKolhapur to MumbaiMysore (Mandacally) to Chennai
Nayveli to ChennaiOzar Nasik to MumbaiOzar Nasik to PuneRaigarh to RaipurSalem to bangalore
Salem to ChennaiSalem to PandicherrySholapur to MumbaiUtkela to BhubaneshwarUtkela to Raipur
Bidar to bangaloreHosur to Chennai