How to Green text on 4chan?

Green text is used by the users on 4chan to tell short stories that they quote from others. The stories can be categorized as weird and choppy with no context.

How to Green text on 4chan

Green text is famous among other known highlights of the 4chan website, where consistently unknown users tell regularly weird stories with abrupt endings, through a progression of short, not-exact sentences in green-shaded text.

As a website, 4chan isn’t for timid people, yet it has chunks of fun content tucking away amongst the widespread politically inaccurate statements, different (and regularly obscene) pictures, and plenty of Pepes. Green text stories are regularly entertaining and have a particular style that is not difficult to duplicate but hard to master. The initial step to recounting a decent Green text story is figuring out how to create green content, however, it’s not difficult to do.

What is Green text on 4chan?

Initially, 4chan’s green content was planned to show a statement of another person’s comment. The utilization for citing is adaptable, with people utilizing the framework to clearly state what somebody is suggesting, put the emphasis on a specific piece of their post, recast their point in a clearing off the base structure, or in any case utilize the framework to abuse the first comment.

Over the long run, the 4chan website became the hub for green content that was utilized to communicate stories. Green content is yet, utilized for the initially proposed reason, yet in its essence, green content is typically not a quote.

How to create Green text

Delivering green content on 4chan is simple.

Step #1 Type a “>” before your content, and it shows up as green.

Step #2 Type the forward bolt before each line and don’t leave a space between it and the main word in the line.

This is everything necessary to make a 4chan Greentext story, on a base level, although there is a lot to consider than simply the color of the comment.

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Making Green text Stories

The main highlights of a Greentext story are the green-shaded comments, the special development where a sentence involves each line, and a humiliating climax. If you have an account of outrageous social commentary, it can presumably make a decent Green text story.

For instance, one Green text story describes the story of two students bumping into each other. The girl was carrying some books and they drop to the floor, both look into each other’s eyes and the boy says “this feels like a movie”. To this, the girl replies by saying that “yes, but in the movies – boys are rather attractive”

Now this story is a shirt with a funny but humiliating end. This can be converted into a green text and it will sound like this:

Student’s bump

= = = =

They look at each other

= = =

Books drop

= = = =

Boy “it feels like a movie”

= = =

Girl “yeah it does but in movies the boys are rather attractive”

And the text will look like this:

use > before text to change the color to green