Best Stalker Game to Play First in 2021

S.t.a.l.k.e.r is a thrilling game, especially if you play the games in the stalker series in chronological sequence. If you haven’t played all of the Stalker games, deciding which one is the greatest might be difficult. And if you choose it carelessly, it will have the potential to permanently damage your connections.

Best Stalker Game to Play

Things to consider while deciding the best Stalker Game

First and foremost, there is the plot, which should make some sense and should compel you to explore occurrences or, more simply, to keep you playing. The gameplay mechanics and controls are the other major factors in determining whether a game is excellent or not. 

Of course, it helps if the images and pictures are visually appealing as well as informative. As a result, this series, being in the survival horror genre, should have graphics and effects that send shivers down your spine.

 Now, after considering these few criteria, you will be able to determine the most stunning one. So, if you are looking for the greatest STALKER game to play, let’s get things started right now.

1. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

This game was the first in the series to be released on the PC, and it was the one that got the franchise started. The game will start with you playing as an unknown individual, referred to as a “Stalker,” who has lost his memory and has no idea who he is or where he is. 

Following the nuclear accident that occurred at Chernobyl, scientists and other military personnel were dispatched to the region to conduct a study to determine whether or not the region was livable. As soon as the initial efforts were completed, there was a second nuclear explosion, resulting in the mutation of the employees and the transformation into mindless zombies.

S.t.a.l.k.e.r  Shadow of Chernobyl

As a result of the mutation, some monster animals began to arise, all of which were highly hostile and attacked sight. It was as a result of this that the region came to be known as “The Zone” or “the Zone of Alienation”. 

Your mission now is to explore this dangerous terrain to collect crucial scientific data that will help you to understand the numerous abnormalities that are occurring at various spots across ‘The Zone.’ The fantastic narrative mode campaign will provide you with a plethora of interesting tasks to accomplish, as well as a limited amount of side quests to accomplish. 

This setting has been built by the creators at GSC Game World in the style of a plausible nuclear-war-aftermath type scenario. They have also incorporated tasks that must be completed in the dark, which adds to the excitement of playing Shadow of Chernobyl.

2. Stalker: Call of Pripyat

Call of Pripyat is a game that, in our opinion, comes quite close to Shadow of Chernobyl in terms of quality. This one came in second place on our list only due to the absence of a compelling plot, despite the fact that it follows the events of the preceding tale in the same universe.

 You will be tasked with examining the crash sites of several helicopters that have crashed in certain regions of ‘The Zone’ and attempting to determine how they came to be down. The enormous landscape that is included in Call of Pripyat will instantly catch your attention if you are one of the gamers who has already played the prior two chapters. This illustrates the length of time and distance you will have to travel and explore while on a mission.

Stalker: Call of Pripyat

There are numerous hazardous weather conditions and emissions present in this selection, which depict the severe changes that have occurred in the weather as a result of nuclear disasters. The developers have raised the bar on environmental design in this selection by including a large number of hazardous weather conditions and emissions.

 Because of the harsh nature of the weather, your character will be forced to find cover until the storm has passed, after which he or she will continue with the task. It is also possible to notice the graphics improvements in the gameplay mechanics, which significantly improves your overall gaming experience even further.

 Other aspects that contribute to the enjoyment of this selection include the introduction of newer and more intelligent adversaries that are extremely difficult to defeat. In addition, there are several new weapons and upgrades that you can take advantage of, as well as strong artifacts that can improve your character’s skills.

3. Stalker: Clear Sky

Clear Sky is the final game on our list, and it comes to the conclusion. The fact that Clear Sky came in the last place is primarily due to the fact that the plot is very repetitive, offering little incentive for you to carry out objectives while playing.

The missions themselves are incredibly difficult, particularly when combined with the faction wars function. Your opponents have the ability to take you out with pinpoint accuracy and explosives, which can kill you before you get a chance to do any significant harm. In addition to this, there are some horrendous flaws in this selection that tend to discourage you from continuing to play, especially if you are in the midst of an interesting portion of your quest.

Stalker: Clear Sky

However, there are a few redeeming qualities to Clear Sky that may still make it a worthwhile purchase for any die-hard first-person shooter enthusiast. The visuals in this game are really stunning, and the general design of the setting is pretty realistic.

 The designers have also put a great deal of work into the construction of the many types of creatures and deformed animals that attack you in a variety of ways and with a variety of methods and styles. 

So Clear Sky is still enjoyable to play if you take these factors into consideration, but you will need a lot of patience to put up with the bugs. You should look into the updates that have been published by the developer in order to have a more fluid gameplay experience.


As a result of the factors discussed above, it is reasonable to conclude that STALKER: Call of Pripyat is the finest STALKER game ever created due to its realism, simplicity, better game mechanics, and new in-game features. But if you really want to dive into the tale of this franchise, it is recommended to start with the Shadow of Chernobyl.