Evernote vs Notability: Features Comparison 2021

If you’re a student or are looking for a note-taking tool for any other purpose, I am sure that you will come across Evernote and Notability at one point or another.

Even while taking notes has been around for a long time, the entrance of Android phones and smart technology into our hands has resulted in even our notes being digitized.

Note-taking applications are beneficial for everyone, whether you’re a student who wants to take notes during a class lecture or a housewife who wants to compile a grocery list. “Evernote” and “Notability,” two of the most popular note-taking apps, are extensively used for creating immediate notes. 

Evernote vs notability feature comparison

Evernote, without a doubt, is the most apparent advice for anything and everything. Notability, on the other hand, is characterized by the ability to do certain things correctly.

As with Evernote, it is exclusively accessible as a paid software for Apple devices, and it saves notes in a proprietary format similar to that of the latter.

Another advantage is that you can sketch anything on the screen with a stylus or with your finger while still being able to record audio, which is quite convenient.


Even though Evernote is fully free to use on all of the major computing platforms, there is a premium plan available for Evernote users that unlocks a few more capabilities. When it comes to the Notability application, there is no free version available.

To get started with it, you’ll need to spend somewhere about $5. Even though the commercial edition of Evernote has more capabilities, the free version is still more usable.

Note-taking context

The most significant distinction between the two is that Notability offers a more integrated note-taking experience than Evernote. If you have 4-5 diverse sources like audio, scrawled notes, drawings, written text, imported photos, and PDFs, Notability can bring them all together into a single contextual bundle for you to work with and share.

If you execute it correctly, all of the information you need to review from a lecture will be contained in a single note. This implies that you can use the Notability app to consolidate all of your information into a centralized location.

This will guarantee that you don’t miss any information or data that is incidental to your notes or that you may otherwise neglect. 

taking notes in Evernote vs notability

When it comes to Evernote, on the other hand, it is devoid of all of this contextual information. On Evernote, you can only include audio, if you need to annotate documents within a note, they must be in PDF format, and you must be a Premium member to do so.

If you want to make use of such features in the free version, you’ll most likely have to wait for the developers to be generous with their time.


One of the most significant differences between the two applications is their compatibility with devices that run on several platforms. Evernote is a fantastic app that works well across all computer platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

It works just as smoothly on the web as it does on the desktop. Notability, on the other side, is severely lacking, as this is only available on iOS and Mac devices. It is unable to support Windows and Android devices at this time.


Another notable difference between them is in the area of ‘Price.’ Even though Evernote is fully free to use on all of the major computing platforms, there is a premium plan available for Evernote users that unlocks a few more capabilities.

When it comes to the Notability application, there is no free version available. It will cost you roughly  $5 to get started with it. Even though the commercial edition of Evernote offers more features, the free version is still more user-friendly.

The following are the primary differences between the two. So, if you don’t want to pay money on note-taking software or don’t want a high-spec note-taking software, Evernote would be a fine alternative for you. Alternatively, you could pay a little more money and enjoy the full-featured Notability app

Voice Recording Feature

Notability synchronizes voice recordings with textual notes to provide a seamless experience

If you’re a student, you will like Notability’s features. When you make a new note, you are presented with a large white space on which you can draw, doodle, or text. You can also include photographs, PDFs, and audio recordings, and you have the option to highlight certain parts of the document.

If you type using an external or built-in keyboard, Notability will additionally map the written words to the point in the recording at where they were entered. As a result, you can move between lecture notes and start listening to the sample you desire in a matter of seconds.

However, this capability is only available when you are typing using the keyboard. For those who like to take notes by sketching with a stylus, this is not the option.

is notability better than evernote

Evernote can also record the voice

When you make a new note, you will notice a Mic button at the bottom of the screen. The voice recording will begin as soon as you press this button. You have the same freedom to enter your notes as you have with Notability while the audio is being captured.

what is the alternative of evernote


If you want a note writer that can be used away from classes and lectures, Evernote has a plethora of other capabilities to give you, however, Notability is more expensive because customers must invest more money to have a few other characteristics.

Evernote is the best option if you want a note-taking app that works across all platforms, however, notability is only available to iOS and Mac users. For those who like Android or Windows, there isn’t much of a choice between the two operating systems.

Evernote is the only solution that is appropriate for the needs. Also, for those who are just getting started, Evernote is a wonderful choice. Having said that, Notability is also not a horrible app to critique in general.

It’s only that it’s restricted to a few specific locations. You must first examine your requirements before selecting the one that best meets your needs.