How to choose the best WordPress theme for Business.

Introduction for best WordPress theme

In today’s corporate world, starting up a new business has become easier. But, sustaining the business in the global market has become tougher. 

As per recent Web trends, online presence of a business is a mandatory step. Without online presence at a global level, getting business opportunities and demand gets challenging.

Keeping up with the market, business conditions change continually. When the conditions change, it is necessary to share updates continually with the world business market.

At the same time, the business you are running should keep changing based on the market demands. Making business decisions based on the latest market demands is a key factor in growing your business.

Secondly. another factor is to expand customer base by having online presence. Customers are the backbone of running a successful business. No business can survive without having customers. Not only having the customers, but also expanding the customer base.

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Why is it important for Business to have an online presence?

Why are we talking about business having an online presence? The reason is – traditional trends of marketing and promoting your products and services such as hoardings, newspaper advertisements, TV ads, and pamphlets may not be that effective as people have moved to the online world. 

Digital marketing has replaced all these traditional forms of promotions and advertisements to email marketing and social media marketing. 

Social Media websites are the most used channel of marketing. Small and medium scale businesses have adopted digital marketing methods to promote their business.

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Types of Business Models

Business models are categorized into mainly 4 segments. 

Business-to-Business (B2B) 

This model refers to trade / transactions between 2 businesses. For example, retailers buy goods and services from wholesalers for their business. Small to medium to large, all types of businesses cover this model. 

Some examples of B2B businesses are –

Example 1 – A small team of developers of a company develops software for a large pharma company that serves technical solutions for its employees.

Example 2 – A medium sized beauty parlour buys cosmetic products and equipment from different manufacturers to run its operations.

An automobile manufacturing company, General Electric produces parts of cars and trucks for other enterprises.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

This model refers to trade / transactions between 2 business and consumers. Business selling their products and services directly to the consumers. This business model operates on a retail market where consumers are directly doing transactions/trade with the business.

Some examples of B2C businesses are –

Example 1 – Any retail general shop from where the consumer buys a range of foods and beverages, daily products, groceries, staples and so on. 

Example 2 – A customer uses a hotel booking services company for his business travels.

McDonald’s is the biggest B2C business in the United States providing food services to consumers.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

This model refers to trade / transaction between consumers. One consumer selling product or service to another consumer. eCommerce business model have captured this market segment with innovative and creative ways that facilitate interaction between consumers.

Some examples of C2C businesses are –

Example 1 – Car pooling is one of the classic examples of C2C business. An individual travelling by his car to office everyday provides pooling service to another individual travelling by the same route everyday. 

Example 2 – A customer selling his old furniture to another customer at a cheaper rate to vacant his house.

eBay is an online auction site where on one side, consumers put up their goods and services for sale and on the other side, consumers looking for similar goods and services that are presented with prices allowing them to bid for them and buy from the consumers on the other side.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

This model refers to trade / transactions between consumers and businesses. Consumers offer products and services to businesses in exchange for pay. 

Some examples of C2B businesses are –

Example 1 – Consumers providing ratings and reviews for the products they have bought from a company and in return, the company pays the customer for giving reviews.

Example 2 – A mobile company pays the most popular celebrity consumer for unboxing the new model they have launched in the market. 

UpWork is a classic example of the C2B model where freelancers/consumers provide services in their areas of expertise to small / medium scale companies.

Online presence and Website

We spoke about businesses, their types, current market trends and importance of online presence of the business. Having a marketing and operations website is key to each stage of business. 

Marketing website is a key to any business who is a startup and planning to have the market presence.

Portfolio website is a key to businesses that showcases their products and services on the website.

eCommerce websites play a significant role in buying and selling products and services online for B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B businesses.

Web technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years. Content Management System (CMS) have become popular for creating and maintaining Website content so easily and effortlessly.

Most popular CMSes are :

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Joomla
  •  Wix
  • Drupal

Amongst all of the above CMSes, WordPress is the most popular and easy-to-use CMS that can be used for any types of business websites. 

Why WordPress?

There are a couple of reasons why WordPress is the most popular and in-demand CMS for creating creative and attractive websites for businesses.

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Wider varieties of themes

Theme refers to a template with predefined design and layout available for the Website. Only images and text content can be replaced inline with your business to make the website ready for publishing on the Web. 

There are themes available to download for free and you can use the same to replace it with your corporate identity in a couple of days. Premium templates are also available with more features and functionality that can be used to create complex websites.

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Easy-to-use Interface

WordPress has a very easy-to-use admin panel from where the images and content can be regularly updated. The admin panel is called “wp-admin”. From this panel, you can manage multiple things such as adding a new page, creating blogs and publishing from the same, read-to-use inquiry forms can be attached to the website.

WordPress Plug-ins

Thousands of plug-ins are available in WordPress that can be used to enhance sliders, social media features, marketing and analytics features, SEO features and so on. 

WooCommerce plug-in for eCommerce websites is the most used with multiple features readily available for order management. 

These plug-ins are useful for quick access of specific features and make the website available for publishing.

Decision points to decide a theme

Depending on the nature of business, business model and the budget to create a website, the WordPress theme can be selected. 

If you are a manufacturing company, you need a plain, static website where demonstration of your product manufacturing can be presented. You can get industrial photography done for your manufacturing plant and showcase to your website. Demonstrating your processing via video can be a classic way to promote your business.

If your business already has a marketing team, logo, layout and design is already defined by the team. The theme with similar color scheme, logo dimension and the content of your products and services offerings can be selected. 

If you want to show the team’s portfolio, testimonials of the happy customers, select the theme available with all these features. 

If you want to publish blogs for your area of expertise in business, select the theme available for all the features mentioned above including the blog.

However, if you are an eCommerce company, select the theme with readily available features such as “Recently Viewed Products”, “Similar Products View”, “Out of Stock”, “Product Ratings”, “Customer Reviews”, “Payment Modes”. These features are most popular and necessary for eCommerce business.

Implement WordPress theme

Most of the domain providers have WordPress hosting plans available with them. You can buy a hosting plan with WordPress readily available with the website space. Using your hosting server credentials, you can easily install the theme and start working on your website.


Choosing the best WordPress theme for your business becomes difficult at times as plenty of themes are available online. As per your business requirements, either marketing or operations, you can take a call which one to select.

You can also start with the marketing website and gradually, can add an eCommerce component to the same website to promote buying and selling your products online. Enhancing and continuously updating WordPress website is easier than any other CMS.