How to Make Free Videos For Your YouTube Channel

If you are a content creator or planning to enter a field that is booming, you surely have the question, how can I make videos for my YouTube channel for free?

You ask it very frequently, and the reason is that, currently the demand that audiovisual content is so strong, that well, practically all the content we currently consume is in this format, that forces all content creators, even those who make text or graphics, to think about migration to this area.

While every content creator has the creativity and talent to know what they want to do, well, in practice going from a creative idea to an edited and finished video is a huge leap.

Free you tube video editing

This makes video editing a real challenge and a challenge that starts from the editing platform, which ends up being the most difficult and complicated of this whole process.

Since once you have the idea, your script, text, and audio, editing becomes the most challenging part, which is to create an eye-catching video in order to stand out from the other options on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Therefore, today I am going to recommend FlexClip a video editor that will allow you to create the videos you need as a content creator, in addition, another thing that is interesting about this platform is that it has several plans and the basic version is free.

Flexclip for video editing

But, there is something that is very attractive about this editor, and that is that it is online, which means that you can edit from any computer, because you only need an internet connection and use a browser like Chrome.

With FlexClip, you can professionalize yourself in creating audiovisual content to be able to create very creative videos for your YouTube Channel, or you could even make ads videos for Instagram.

tutorial to edit youtube videos

To make your editing task easier, FlexClip offers you video templates that you can customize by changing texts, which will make you quickly create eye-catching audiovisual content.

Here you can find options to edit traditional videos online, like cropping, combining, rotating, adding images and videos, among others. With just 3 steps, you can edit your videos:

You should first visit its website: Once inside, you will have to register by clicking the Sign-Up-Free button, and as with any application, you will have to enter your email address and a password. It is also possible to register for free using your Facebook or Google account. 

use flixclip for video editing
  1. Add images, text, backgrounds and videos. The tool has a bank of animated texts that we can fully customize (font and color). You can also upload an image or video by clicking on the “Media” icon in the function panel at the above left of the screen. The file explorer will open so that we can upload the videos that we have on our computer and that we want to use in our project.
add text to youtube videos
  1. Customize the video and preview the result. You can modify the order of the videos, add music, or record a voice-over as well as cut them. It is recommended that you preview the result every time you make a change, which is done by clicking on the “preview” button in the upper right corner.
customize youtube video
  1. Export the video when you are satisfied with the result. To do this, you just have to click on the “Export Video” button in the upper left corner. It is possible to export in various sizes (480p, 720p, 1080p). Once the video is processed, it will be downloaded to your computer in the folder that you have assigned for Google Chrome downloads.
export video in Mp4 and gif format

FlexClip is undoubtedly one of the most used video editors not only because it has an excellent free version but because it offers design features that make it a simple platform to use and that results in good videos for your YouTube channel.

Well, so far this post. I hope you liked it and do not hesitate to leave us your comments about what you think of this article.