How to delete Truecaller account? [Truecaller Unlist Steps]

Do you want to delete or remove or unlist your mobile number from the TrueCaller website and application? This article will help you to unlist your number from TrueCaller.

Since we live in this global village and we have digitally smart people with us, the data shows that around 80 percent of people who own mobile devices search for services and almost everything over the internet.

Also, out of this 80 percent, around 30 percent of people check their mobile phones as soon as they open their eyes in the morning. 

The majority of the population of this global village is familiar with the world-class renowned application, Truecaller. In a very little time, Truecaller has made the people go la-la with its spy features. But the question is what is actually a Truecaller?

Truecaller is a normal mobile application developed back in 2009. The motive behind designing and developing this application was to find the number of details and cease the ratio of unknown and fraud calls around the globe.

The Truecaller works with a simple scheme of searching the contacts on the phone book contacts that are synced with the application to get the social media integration and all the details of the mentioned contact number. 

Or in easy words, Truecaller helps you to find the owner of the unknown contact number. 

You might have been impressed by now with the Truecaller, right? Wait, don’t make your judgments so early. Read the whole blog to know the Truecaller in the best way. Let’s begin it. 


Thinking of how to remove your account from Truecaller? It is very simple. We have bought a step-by-step guide for the same. 

  • Step 1 :- Open your Truecaller app
  • Step 2 :- Tap the people icon in the upper left corner of the application 
  • Step 3 :- Now click on the settings of Truecaller
Open Truecaller Settings
  • Step 4 :- Now go to the drop-down menu and click the ‘Privacy center’
Open truecaller privacy center
Privacy center
  • Step 5 :- A popup will appear and then click on the Deactivate option
  • Step 7 :- Say ‘yes’ if you are sure to deactivate your account

These steps will deactivate your account permanently from Truecaller. 

How to unlist you phone number from Truecaller?

Also, after removing the Truecaller from your phone. Your number will still be visible in the list through the previous database. Thus, o completely remove your number from the list you need to unlist the number from the Truecaller. Wondering how? 

Here are simple steps that you need to follow to unlist yourself permanently from the database. 

unlist number from TrueCaller
Unlist form
  • Step 2 :- Now go to the ‘Unlit phone number’ page
  • Step 3 :- Enter your whole mobile number with the correct country code. 
  • Step 4 :- After that verify yourself as not a robot
  • Step 5 :- You can tick just a reason to unlist yourself. Also, you can mention the reason in the given column too. 
  • Step 6 :- After that enter the verification captcha and click on the ‘Unlist’ option

Note- In around 24 hours, your number will get removed. 


If you are unknown to the interesting and some mysterious insights about the Truecaller, this blog is surely for you. The features like blocking the calls and SMS are just a glimpse of what Truecaller can do for you.

Explore a new side of Truecaller with the above-written insights.  Thankfully, Truecaller comes with the space of doing things on your own without any restrictions. Be it adding your account or deleting the account permanently.

You can do both in easy steps. To help you with the Truecaller and your information, we have mentioned the hook and nook of Truecaller in our blog. You can have the full information about the virtual directory.