How to See Deleted Reddit Posts?

Reddit community users, curiosity is the key factor of joining Reddit. The redditters are constantly on the platform for the news and updates they are receiving. Many times, they miss important updates as the posts are deleted. The curiosity makes them find a way to view / read the posts that are already removed. Yes, this article is all about how to read the deleted posts from Reddit.

See Deleted Reddit Posts

Method 1 – How to See Deleted Reddit Posts (Removeddit)

  1. Get onto the reddit account.
  1. Go to/Locate the post that is still live. (Be it any community you are part of)

NOTE: The redditors see their joined communities under the Trending Communities section.

  1. Choose/pick Removeddit tool. It is nothing but the online URL that you need to go to via a browser.
pick Removeddit tool
  1. On the page, the redditor shall see All, the removed, the deleted, the removed and deleted comments. Based on the comments status, they can be filtered.
select removed and deleted
  • All: All comments including live, active, removed and deleted are shown.
  • Removed and deleted: All the removed and deleted comments are shown
  • Removed: Only removed comments are shown. Color code is red.
  • Deleted: Only deleted comments are shown. Color code is blue.

NOTE: The difference between removed and deleted is the user who has taken action to let the comment go. Delete can be done by the user who posted it. Remove can be done by any user who has rights to remove another user’s comment.

Method 2 – How to See Deleted Reddit Posts (Resavr)

  1. Locate the link from the address bar of the browser window.
Resavr to see deleted reddit comments
  1. From the list of comments shown in the Recent section, find the post you are looking for.
  2. Press / Tap on the list item (post). The below page shall open up.
  1. Read the deleted comment with the details of date and time of deletion and so on.
  2. Here you go! You have got a chance to read the deleted comment(s) on the post.
  3. This is a good tool if you have missed reading the recent comment. You shall find in the list easily.

Method 3 – How to See Deleted Reddit Posts (Web Archival)

  1. Locate the link from the address bar of the browser.
  2. Put the post link:
  3. Click the Calendar tab below. It keeps the version history of each page based on the date changed.
We webarchive using
  1. You shall see the highlighted date(s) where the page content is changed.
  2. In the above example, 9-Feb-2021 is the date on which there are 2 snapshots.
  3. Click the first snapshot and then, the second. You shall see the changes made on the same post.
  4. This keeps you updated on the comments change.
  5. Hope this solves your purpose.


Redditors are updated with the community they are passionate about. Gamers and Traders are continuously sitting on reddit for any posts and comments that they are curious about. Any change in comments are done and they would want to see out of curiosity, here they go with this StrangeHoot article.