How to Sticky Post On Reddit?

Reddit is popular for information sharing via communities built for specific topics or domains. It is a user role based model where the user joins a community authorized by the moderator and then shares each post on the community platform of Reddit. 

How to Sticky Post On Reddit

The moderator is a user who has rights to publish the post request received by the new users of the community. The moderator can use the “sticky” post to bring the post on the top of their community posts. This is achieved by using the options available for the community moderator. 

Create a Sticky Post on Reddit:

  1. Open the reddit account.
open reddit to create new post
  1. Create a post as a user. On the other side moderator can see the post for authorization.
  2. Moderator goes to the list of posts received by users of the community.
  3. There is a shield icon which opens up a context menu with 2 options.
select post and check sticky post
  1. Tick the Sticky post checkbox.
  2. Alternatively, the Distinguish as Mod also can be ticked by the moderator.
  3.  Once done, The post is shown at the top amongst all the posts that have been published on the community.

Get visibility with sticky post

Moderators can decide to make the posts pinned or sticky to gain visibility of the post content. Making it sticky and distinguishing as mod shows it with a shield icon and the post stays on the top till it is flagged as sticky.

These options are used when important announcements are to be made such as updates on community rules, discussions and new mod applications.

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