Keep your phone safe: 5 apps for the travelers

While being on a trip, especially going abroad, you never know what to expect, unforeseen situations always occur at the most inopportune moment.

For that reason, you need to be prepared as best as possible. Due to the progress of science and modern technologies, it is much easier nowadays to travel.

A mobile phone has become an ultimate device in any travel, but at the same time, it’s one of the most important things to keep an eye on during the trip. We have made a list of the best 5 mobile apps that will help you stay safe in any country.

5 apps for the travelers
  1. HERE WeGo

This app allows its users to download an offline map of an entire city. It is not always possible to connect to Wi-Fi in another country, even in your native place outside the city, problems with Internet connection occur quite often.

Offline maps also have voice navigation, which makes the app especially convenient for drivers. The main idea of the app is to help you plan a route without the Internet. 

When traveling abroad, especially with a family or a big company of friends, most people prefer to rent a car in order to be mobile and feel comfortable in the new place.

For those drivers who enjoy the view and the speed simultaneously, the best holiday destination is considered to be the UAE, which is famous for its long highways and a great variety of luxury cars.

It is also a perfect place for any person who appreciates speed driving. Fortunately, every tourist has such an opportunity due to the availability of rental services.

Sport car rental services are one of the most famous and most popular forms of activity in Dubai. The variety of sports cars couldn’t leave anyone indifferent, the best cars in the world are at your disposal, from the classic red Ferrari to the latest models such as Lamborghini mieten in Dubai.

At the same time the price is significantly lower than business class taxi services, the registration process takes no longer than 5 minutes, all you need is a driving license and that’s it. 

  1. bSafe

This app helps you and your family and friends stay safe. By filling out the registration and entering data about yourself and your friends who can be called in case of an incident, you literally get your personal security guard in the form of a phone.

Bsafe sends a real-time message to your selected contacts at any time when you activate the app with a voice message and say the activation phrase “SOS”.

Your chosen contacts will then receive an alarm on their mobiles and be able to see your location on the map and help you. At this time, your phone also emits loud sounds to scare away any criminals. This way, even if the phone is stolen, it is much easier to find it.

  1. Safer VPN

When you are abroad, the risk of being watched on the Internet increases, as well as the risk of losing personal data or becoming a victim of hacker attacks.

It is obligatory for the VPN to be installed on your phone before the trip to prevent this. In addition to features that increase your online privacy, the service can also help you cope with unblocking websites, which makes it an excellent choice for those who need to work abroad or read the news.

  1. Sitata

Insurance is an essential thing when traveling abroad, but in order to use it, first, you need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. To help you navigate the way and get help sooner, the app determines your location based on your destination.

Sonata also checks the place where you are for security threats, disease outbreaks, violent protests, and anything else that could be dangerous during your traveling. With this app, you can search for nearby hospitals and get up-to-date locations and contact information for all local emergency services.

  1. PackPoint

For many people, one of the most difficult tasks on a trip is packing all things and documents before the trip. Surely everyone lists a list of things that cannot be forgotten in their minds, but let the application do it for you.

PackPoint helps to facilitate the packing process, as it has several hundred lists with the necessary things to take in any travel.

And also in the app, you can safely store electronic copies of your passport, insurance, and tickets. At the end of the trip, the app also provides the user with a list of things that were in the luggage at the beginning so that the user could be sure that he did not forget anything. 

For now, you are definitely prepared for any journey, download and install all the apps, and hit the road!