Top Simulation Games on PC

Simulators differ from other games in the realistic study of the selected area. The sophistication of many has reached the point where they can serve as a visual aid for racers, as modern computers are able to process a large amount of information and simulate realistic conditions.

In general, the genre is distinguished by complete immersion in one area.

Car Mechanic Simulator

This is a simulator of an ordinary car service, where the player needs to fulfill orders for the diagnosis and car repair. The insides of the machines are identical to the real ones, which allows them to remember exactly where a particular part is located. However, the gamer is not limited to only one garage with his car workshop.

To diagnose some problems, the car can be rolled out to a special test site and after the trip, a special report will be compiled containing a list of problems. However, the Car Mechanic Simulator is not able to teach a person to repair cars, because the gameplay is greatly simplified in favor of dynamics.

Therefore, if suddenly your car breaks down, somewhere in the UAE, for example, you should not rely only on the gaming experience even after such a realistic simulator. Still, leave it to the professionals of car repair, for example, Ferrari service Dubai, especially if you have a luxury car. 

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Football manager

In this game, you become a real football manager. The player needs to lead the team on and off the field, buy and sell players, and develop youth and infrastructure.

More cunning business schemes are also possible, for example, taking a player for free and reselling him a year later for a profit. If the player manages to manage the team effectively, then there is a chance to take the club to the world level, where the main goal is to win the Champions League. 

PC Building Simulator

The player will have to open their own computer repair business. The main objective of the story campaign is to assemble a professional gaming machine that can play any game and adapt it to solve absolutely any task.

But you won’t be able to do that while the character is earning $1-2 from a simple diagnostic. It is necessary to improve skills and buy new components for work.

Since the repair shop will improve with every customer, the tasks will become very different: assemble a computer, run diagnostics, fix the processor, reinstall programs, and install the game.

TheHunter: Call of the Wild

TheHunter: Call of the Wild is the most realistic and best hunting simulator ever. The total area of ​​hunting grounds is more than 13 thousand hectares. Many animals live in this territory, ranging from bison to quite ordinary deer and birds.

There are several multiplayer modes at once, including co-op and competitions, where gamers have to score points according to the speed of destroying the game.

The list of weapons is also rich, players have access to rifles, bows, revolvers, and almost everything that can make the gameplay as unique and diverse as possible.

Truck Simulator 2

The player will have to travel around Europe and America, delivering important and very valuable cargo. The gameplay is built not only on cargo transportation but also on your own business development.

At the initial stage of the game, you only need to fulfill the orders of the supplier, but over time it becomes possible to buy cars and open your own company.

The player’s possibilities are almost endless, as you can buy trucks, rent or buy garages, be an officially employed driver, work with other companies, and enter into critical professional contracts that will help establish your own business.

Fishing Planet

It’s the best fishing simulator on PC, featuring a realistic gear breakage system and flexible fish AI that simulates their behavior in their natural environment. Thanks to this, the gamer can spend a lot of time trying to catch the right fish.

The game has a lot of locations covering almost the entire world. It is also possible to level up and compete in the rankings with other users.

Farming Simulator 17

Farming Simulator 17 is the best farming simulator on PC. The gamer will become a farmer and build a profitable business. To do this, you can grow crops, engage in animal husbandry, and earn money by logging.

Each task requires the purchase of special equipment, hundreds of items are available, and each model has its own characteristics in the application. In general, the player has all the tools to create the richest farm in the world.


35MMThis is a unique project created by almost one person. It has absorbed many genres, there are shootouts, elements of a quest, and horror. However, they have received little attention.

The main emphasis is on the atmosphere and the reconstruction of the post-apocalyptic post-Soviet space. It will take several real hours to study all the huge locations, and the user will never be alone – he is accompanied by a partner in his travels, with whom he needs to get to a safe place. The graphics also stand out and give the locations an atmospheric feel.

In total, 35mm is a natural “walking” simulator, where everyone is periodically entertained with notes, world history, shooting, and dialogues between the protagonists.