Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War – 6 Pro Tips to Improve


Joining the battle and making it across enemy ranks is among the highlights of COD Black Ops Cold War. However, the new upgrades in the game have taken its gameplay to another level. While you may prefer learning from your mistakes, these tips will help you improve in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Even if this is your first action game, these tips will make your gameplay experience the most memorable. If you want to speed things up, we advise you to check out these premium Cold War cheats. Meanwhile, stay tuned as we walk you through the best tips to improve at Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Best Tips to Improve at Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

With these tips, you can up your game skills at Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. 

Do the Jump Challenge

Despite being among the oldest tricks in FPS games, the jump challenge is very effective. It has two goals, of which the first is compromising the enemy’s aim. The second is to peek into corners for a hiding enemy. 

You will push players off the cover by doing the jump challenge in Black Ops Cold War. Also, since it’s difficult to aim and hit a moving object/target, the jump challenge will help you live longer in the game. It’ll be difficult for an enemy to hit you. Combine these three principles to make a perfect jump challenge:

  • Bunny hop (tap jump) and fire
  • Jump and Aim Down Sight (ADS) in the enemy’s direction
  • Sprint upright to the slight line of the enemy

Think Fast and Tactically

Although COD games are fast-paced, making you jump into a battle zone just to die and start afresh, you need to think fast and tactically. Your brain should think as fast as the heroes in action movies. For instance, consider moving from one cover to the other. 

Always look around, up, down, and backward for incoming enemies. Buy and upgrade more than one weapon to easily swap in a fight. You don’t want to run out and be stranded at the same time.

Never Camp. Be Always on the Move

In all Call of Duty series, camping draws the enemy’s attention. And when you’re surrounded and ambushed by more than 3 enemy players, your death in the game becomes inevitable. Although you can find your way out, it’s advisable not to camp in any zone for too long.

Always be on the move. It’s vital as it keeps the kill streak flowing. For instance, if the Ghost Perk is enabled, you need to move around to reap the benefits. Also, by being on the move, you’re likely going to be undetectable by the enemy’s UAVs.

Explore the Maps

Explore the maps if you want to play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War better. As you walk around the maps from edge to edge, you can learn the lanes and sight lines and discover hideouts for yourself. By exploring the maps, your chances of dominating Black Ops will increase. 

As you explore the maps, you can learn shortcuts to locations. This is handy when you want to flank an enemy or drop a grenade in their zone. If you know your way around the map, things become easier and more tactical. 

Keep Your Weapons up-to-the-minute

While using your weapons in COD Black Ops, you will reach a point where a weapon upgrade is needed. Please don’t skip it. Upgrade your weapons and enjoy their new attachments, skin, and power. 

One thing you must keep in mind here is that you must upgrade your most used weapon first. You don’t want to spend more on weapons you may not touch throughout the game. 

Upgrading your best rifle is the key to success and long life in this Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Playing the Objectives is Vital

All seasons and updates of Call of Duty games have objectives with rewards. Play the objectives. They are sure to give you more kills. Remember, the higher your kills, the better killstreaks you unlock. 

Apart from kills, playing the objectives in Black Ops Cold War is your pathway to making more wins. The locations of the objectives are usually points for players to meet and get involved with the task (kill a specific number of enemies, make several headshots, etc.). 

So, if you join the Objective/mission group, you can make the most of your experience in the Cold War game.


Though it can be frustrating to die and repeatedly respawn in a battle, these tips will help you improve your Black Ops gameplay in Call of Duty. Play the missions/objectives given in the game, upgrade your weapons, and dominate the map. 

Follow these tips and enjoy your new improvement. More importantly, do the jump challenge to live longer in the game and keep moving.