30 Best Low MB Games for Android Phone – Free Low MB Games

The gaming industry has seen a drastic transformation in recent times. With thousands of high-end next-generation games ruling the minds of game enthusiasts, gaming lovers just can’t get enough of the thrilling world of mind-twisting games. 

The launch of the Android smartphone back in 2008 has steered the gaming industry in a new direction. Android games come in a variety of sizes, ranging from an enormous 2.5 GB to small-sized 2.5 MB.

Many of us cannot afford games with formidable data sizes that quickly suck up our mobile’s data.

Low MB Android Games

Some of the best 10 MB games for Android that not just chill down our spine but also save us from pesky loss of data are as follows:


Mekorama is a freebie puzzle game developed by Martin Magni. The game occupies space under 10 MB and gives freedom to its players to choose their levels. 


Plot: Mekorama revolves around a tiny robot who after getting thrown away in the trash by a robot factory is helped by players to reach its abode. 

The addictive game provides you the level builder to construct your levels. Every level has a grid-like structure where we have to remove obstacles in the form of moving objects.

Every level you create is assigned to a QR code. You can also transfer your current level to other players with the help of this code.

The game was awarded International Mobile Gaming Awards in 2017 by Jury’s Honourable Mention. 


Singularity is a first-person shooter game created by Raven Software. 

Plot: The storyline of Singularity spins around an intriguing island Katorga-12 set in the background of the Cold War. In 1950, the island was hit by a disaster called “Singularity”.

Nate Renko, a Special Forces officer is sent on the island to scrutinize the appalling fallout. However, in the course, her plane crash lands due to electromagnetic disturbance. 

Singularity game

In the game, you constantly make the transition between 1952-55 and 2010. In both periods, you confront Russian forces and come across mutated wildlife and vegetation. 

It is one of the small android games which does not exceed 10MB. The game features very few ads that make it even more gamer-friendly.

Poly Path: 

Poly Path is an easy yet tricky game that comes under 10 MB android games. The game examines your concentration and intuitive capabilities. 

Plot: In the game, the player encounters colorful balls which they are supposed to throw in rings of respective colors. The initial stages of the game are simple but as we go further it gets complicated. 

Poly Path game

The best part of the game is that it does not require a wi-fi connection. The game is just 5MB in size.

Modern Sniper: 

Modern Sniper is a first-person shooter game based on the setting of the underworld.

Modern Sniper

Plot: In the game, you are the modern sniper who executes lethal attacks and secret assassin operations. You will have access to sniper rifles and assault rifles.

During the game, the sniper will receive an armor and health bar. With the help of your sniping abilities, you should vanquish your enemies on the streets and annihilate the most vicious nemesis.

The opponents have also recruited a group of snipers whose mission is to secretively attack you.

Shadow Skate: 

Shadow Skate is an addictive 2D game that tests your concentration and intuition. 

Shadow Skate

Plot: In the game, the skater is present in the form of a silhouette who travels across skyscrapers, parks, nightclubs, and forests to run away from the shadow. The skater performs high jumps, bends, and falls through the buttons available on the left and right sides of the screen. 

The game draws similarities to Vector in graphics and gameplay. The game will test your skills to 40 levels. The game is not very complicated and is also just 8.4MB in size.

Caveman Adventure: 

Caveman Adventure is a 2D action-adventure game that is straightforward to play and is compatible with all android devices. It is one of the famous 10 MB games with easy and smooth controls. 

Caveman Adventure

Plot: The plot revolves around a caveman whose child has been abducted by a dinosaur and he begins to search for the child in the world of dinosaurs.

The game involves 20 stages that cover 4 special worlds. The caveman encounters dangerous dinosaurs and intimidating obstacles in his search. 

The game was released by STEM studios. You do not have to worry about space as the game is only 10MB in size.

No one dies: 

The exciting thing about No one dies is that here you can guide 2-36 characters at the same time. 

No one dies

Plot: The game consists of 10 stages and tests the controlling skills of the brain and hands. If you crave dark adventure games, No One Dies is the game you should not miss.

Dr. Driving: 

Dr. Driving is a car racing game with well-designed graphics and smooth controls. 

Plot: You have to drive cleverly and responsibly, dodging the obstacles until you reach the end. The game has many challenging levels. You will also get money on the completion of levels.

You can purchase more and better vehicles with the help of money. The game size is only 9.5 MB. 

Dr. Driving

The other exciting aspect is that you can connect with your friends through mobiles to play this game in real-time. It is one of the small android games which is freely available on the Play store.

Now the same company has released Dr. Driving 2, the memory consumption and game size are almost the same as the previous version.

Endless Falling: 

Endless Falling is a dark-themed game with loads of fun and adventure. 

Endless Falling

Plot: Here, the player falls off a cliff. On his way down to earth, he gets around with challenging obstacles. The background score also complements the theme of the game.

To prevent adrenaline rise, the player has to obtain hearts coming his way. 

The game is one of the popular 10 MB games with smooth controls and easy gameplay. 

Cricket Black: 

Cricket Black and Cricket Black 2 is a thrilling lightweight game with a data size of 2MB. You can play with friends or random players through real-time one on one matches. You can win cups and caps too. 

Cricket Black

Plot: On opening the interface, to begin the game, you have to click on TAP TO START. A single tap will hit sixes or fours and earns you high scores. 

It is one of the widely played small android games which is available in PlayStore.

Crash Wheels: 

This addictive game is easy to learn and occupies less data space. 

Crash Wheels game

Plot: There are more than 30 exciting levels where you have to ride a bicycle on risky streets and dodge perilous obstacles like bombs, spikes, wrecking balls, and harpoons. 

The game has simple controls where you are required to steer the bicycle forward and backward by tapping arrows on the screen.

It is one of the popular 10 MB games for android that occupies less data space.

Speed motto: 

Speed motto is an adventurous racing game with straightforward gameplay and easy controls. 

Speed motto

Plot: In the game, you steer the bike by the tip of your fingers, and to speed up, you need to tap on the screen. During your journey, you come across various settings such as snow, forests, bridges, or hills regions. In your way, you have to obtain coins and get around with slow-pacing vehicles. 

It comes under 10 MB games for Android that is freely available on the Play Store.

The Line Zen:

Line Zen is an addictive arcade game that comes under 10 MB games. The controls are smooth. 

The Line Zen

Plot: You will have to guide a blue ball by avoiding collisions with red balls. 

The gameplay is adventurous, and the player encounters numerous challenging mazes.


AA is an accuracy game that tests your targeting skills. The game occupies a small space and is available on Android and iOS. 


Plot: Here, you have to strike a pin on a circle, with no two pins hitting each other or your game ends. 

It is one of the easy-to-play 10 MB games with smooth controls and gripping graphics. 

Stick Hero: 

Stick Hero is an addictive game that is small in data size and comes under 10 MB games. 

Stick Hero

Plot: The game requires you to cover the width between bridges by forming sticks. The width between the bridges differs and the length of the stick should exactly fit in there. If your stick falls short, you will fall, and the game ends. 

It is one of the small android games which is available on Playstore for free.

Brave Ninja: 

Brave Ninja is an adventure game available on APKPure.com that occupies 7.62 MB and has amazing graphics.

Brave Ninja

Plot: Here you train a ninja and prepare him for difficult combats. The game has many mini-games such as sabotage, espionage, infiltration, assassination, and guerrilla warfare.

The game features 15 exciting gameplays and 4 ninja characters. Though easy to play, this game is difficult to excel in. 

It is one of the small android games which is easy to play but gets a tad difficult with the increase in levels.

Chain Reaction: 

The chain reaction is a small lightweight game with a data size of 5.16 MB. The game can be played by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 players. 

Chain Reaction

Plot: In the game, the players one after another place their orbs in the cells of respective colors. Every cell has a critical mass. Once the load of the cell equalizes the critical mass, the cell explodes filling the orthogonally adjacent cells each with one orb.


7×7 is an addictive game that is a blend of Tetris and Connects Four. 


Plot: It is a block matching game where you have to match identical blocks to keep the grid clear. If there are four or more blocks in the line, they will disappear from the board. However, if you do not get a match, three more blocks will be added to the board. 

It is one of the simple 10 MB games for androids with easy controls.

Tank Hero: 

Tank Hero is an exciting adventure game with binding gameplay. The game is 9.2 MB in data size. 

Tank Hero

Plot: Here, you have to vanquish your enemy tanks and fight for reaching the ultimate goal. The game has 120 exciting levels where you have to combat with 5 different types of A. I tanks.  

Another good thing is that you can enjoy the game without a wi-fi connection.                            

My Tiny Pet

If you are a pet lover, the game My Tiny Pet is your cup of tea. It is a 10MB game that has all features to addict you. 

My Tiny Pet

Plot: Here, you have a sweet and adorable virtual pet that you can treat like your real pet. You can clean him, feed him, play with him, and even dress him. You raise him with good habits. 

The game is just 10MB is data size. The game has engaging graphics and is easy to play.

Flow-free Bridges: 

Flow-free is an addictive and entertaining game. 

Flow-free Bridges

Plot: Here you have to join dots of the same colors by forming a pipe. But if the pipes overlap, the game will end. You have to connect all the matching dots until the entire board is covered. There are more than 1000 exciting levels. 

The graphics are amazing, and the game becomes tougher as the level increases. This is one of the interesting 10 MB games that are freely available on the Play Store.

Zombie Attack 2:  

Zombie attack 2 is one of the popular 10MB games with 2D graphics. 

Zombie Attack 2

Plot: This small android game is based on the world of zombies that you are supposed to kill to survive till the end. The game has 4 special worlds where different types of zombies come your way. There are 8 types of heroes using unique weapons. There are 24 types of zombies and 8 zombie bosses. 

In the game, you will get different vehicles such as cars, jeeps, and trucks.

Unblock ME: 

Unblock ME is an addictive puzzle game that comes under 10MB games. You can play it for free. 

Plot: The game consists of 18,000 mind-twisting puzzles and has 4 types of modes: Relax, Challenge, Multiplayer, and Daily. 

Unblock ME

It is one of the small android games that you can install from the Playstore for free.  

Word Spot: 

Word spot is an amazing word-building game that comes under 10MB android games. 

Plot: In this game, you are supposed to connect letters by swiping your finger and form meaningful words. 

Word Spot

The game is free-to-play and one can play it without an internet connection. The game tests your vocabulary. As the level goes high, the difficulty increases. Log in daily to win extra rewards.


Archery is an addictive game and occupies less space. It is one of the 10MB games that has easy controls and clear graphics. 


Plot: Here, the player has to hit an arrow on a board that contains many rings. Each ring is allotted with different points. If you hit the innermost ring, you will get 50 points and an extra arrow. 

It is free-to-play and is available on PlayStore.

Bottle Shoot: 

Bottle Shoot is an entertaining game. It is free-to-play and does not require a wi-fi connection.

Plot: Here you have to target and shoot the bottles as many as you can to earn points. 

Bottle Shoot

The game has simple controls and consists of various levels. It is one of the popular 10MB games and has a rating of 4.2 stars on the Playstore.

Bike Extreme: 

Bike Extreme is a popular bike racing game. The game occupies less space and is 5.3 MB in size. 

Plot: The game has 30+ different tracks filled with obstacles like rocks, hills, sticks, jumps, etc. You begin the game with one bike and as you reach higher levels, you will get other bikes that differ in appearance but are the same to handle. 

Bike Extreme

This game also comes with smooth controls and beautiful graphics.   

Die in 100 ways: 

Die in 100 Ways is a game developed by Canary Droid. 

Plot: The game has many lovely characters, and the nemesis is not any monster or vicious demon but Death itself. You have to save these characters from dangerous situations conspired by Death. The game has dozens of thrilling mini-games. 

Die in 100 ways

It is one of the exhilarating 10MB games that are freely available on the Play Store. 

Knock Down: 

Knock Down is one of the popular 10 MB games which draws similarity with Angry Birds. 

Plot: The game requires you to throw a red ball through a slingshot to knock down the boxes. The game has more than 70 challenging levels where the difficulty level increases with each level.

Knock Down

Crime Files by Terrandroid:  

It is one of the popular 10 MB games which has simple controls. 

Plot: Crime Files is a detective game where you are a spy who solves crimes and arrests criminals. You have to examine crime spots and can also dig out deep facts about the crime. 

Crime Files by Terrandroid

It is one of the small android games which is free-to-play and available on PlayStore.

Cribbage Online

Cribbage Online is a classic card game that is mobile-friendly on iOS and Android software. The main objective of the game is simple: score 121 points through a variety of card combinations. Cribbage Online is offered in three different difficulty settings, making it suitable for players of all levels. Additionally, the site offers a history of the game, rules, and strategies.

image 1


All these small android games not just entertain us but also enhance our cognitive capabilities. Due to their small size and unique themes, such 10 MB games get millions of downloads and lovely ratings on the Play Store.