14 Best SIM 4 expansion packs

The Sims 4 is still going strong seven years after it was first released on the PlayStation 3. It hasn’t been deterred by rumors of a possible successor to the life simulation game, and with more than thirty million players worldwide across PC and console, The Sims 4 seems certain to maintain its dominance for many years to come.

sim 4 expansion packs

In addition to free DLC, the game offers paid DLC in the form of packs, with expansion packs being the biggest and most expensive of them. 

List of Best Sim 4 expansion packs 

Cats and Dogs 

The number of cats and dogs in this pack is a significant decrease from previous pet packs.

Despite offering the greatest customization options in the series for canine and feline friends, Cats & Dogs is nevertheless a significant step down from prior pet packs in terms of quality.

Beyond a few new species (four total, which has cat and dog versions of themselves, as well as foxes and rats), the expansion pack doesn’t include nearly as many new items as the Sims 2 and 3. After the first five times of using the same pet bed, it becomes tedious.

However, the lack of a veterinarian profession and its replacement with a basic skill required in order to run a veterinary clinic is an odd choice and a squandered opportunity for the game’s developers.

Get to work 

Get To Work was a fantastic idea for the first Sims 4 expansion pack, and it delivered on that promise. It finally enabled players to accompany their Sims to work, which had been a long-requested feature, and it introduced the game’s first occult life state, the Aliens from the planet Siam, which was a first for the franchise.

While the Scientist, Doctor, and Detective professions added variety to the game, playing a Sim at work may soon become a burden as players are forced to repeat the same duties over and over again in order to get poor results.

The ability to run retail shops seems to be a nice addition, but the lack of diversity in the goods that may be sold rapidly makes the game feel boring after a while.

Discover University 

With the release of Discover University, the fan-favorite feature of allowing Sims to attend university was brought back, this time with the option to select between two campuses in the realm of Britechester.

Discover University does not have the same effect on Sims 4 as other comparable packs had on prior Sims games, despite the fact that it includes features such as roommates, five new professions, and the ability to ride bicycles.

Due to the fact that the Sims 4 and its expansion packs already favor young adults and adult Sims, the addition of colleges did not really celebrate those life phases as much as the inclusion of universities in Sims 2 and 3.

This expansion pack adds new features for student Sims, but the gameplay isn’t compelling enough to warrant its inclusion as an expansion pack.

Island Living 

Island Life is a way of life. Sulani promised to be a breath of new air for the Sims 4, which is mostly a suburban game. Despite the fact that Island Living is one of the most visually appealing areas of the game, apart from its natural beauty and change of scenery, the expansion pack doesn’t provide much in the way of gameplay options.

There are mermaids, and yes, Sims may now swim in the ocean, but both of these features are mostly restricted to Sulani unless the user has access to additional packs that include swimmable worlds, which is unlikely.

The inclusion of hotels and resorts in Island Living was also anticipated by many, however, these elements were not included in the final product. Instead, Island Living added a conservationist element to the game, which would be continued in Eco Lifestyle. 


There have been mixed reactions from the Sims community about the Eco Lifestyle, but there’s no doubting that it introduced something totally new to the series. In and of itself, the industrial world of Evergreen Harbor is a pleasant change, but it is distinguished by its unique mechanism of altering according to the player’s decisions, as well as its DIY aesthetics, which distinguishes it from other worlds in The Sims 4.

The pack, on the other hand, does not have broad appeal since its concept is too specialized for the majority of players. Due to the fact that Eco Lifestyle’s impacts are mainly confined to Evergreen Harbor and do not affect the rest of the game, it might have been a far better game pack.

Get Famous 

Get Famous allows Sims to become superstars in their own right. Celebrity and reputation are introduced in this pack, two characteristics that have an impact on Sims independent of the environment in which they reside and influence how other Sims behave in their vicinity. It also comprises an acting profession, a media production talent, and a theatre club as an after-school activity for children and teenagers, among other things.

The game Get Famous has a number of drawbacks, despite its many good aspects. Despite the apparent size of the map, the world of Del Sol Valley is one of the smallest in the game, with just eleven lots in total despite the apparent size of the map.

As well as its many flaws, which have remained unpatched three years after the pack’s release, the pack is also infamous for its lack of patching.

Snowy Escape 

Snowy Escape should have included the majority of what was missing from the previous seasons. Seasons should have featured the winter activities that should have been included in Snowy Escape.

Mt. Komorebi’s world is notable for being the first Asian-inspired setting in the game, and it is distinct enough to be included among the finest environments in the game.

Additionally, Snowy Escape adds a new Lifestyles mechanism, which is a collection of characteristics that Sims may gain naturally by engaging in certain activities.

It was developed in an attempt to diversify Sims and make them more distinctive, but the feature has failed to live up to the excitement that it generated when it was first announced.

City LIving 

Sims 4 City Living Sims go to the city as part of the City Living experience. Apartments and penthouses, weekly cultural events, and three new urban professions (politician, critic, and social media influencer are all included in the expansion pack, which is available now.

City Living also includes numerous lot characteristics for both home and communal lots, such as Cursed, Sunny Aspect, and Party Place, to enhance the gameplay experience.

The bad news for gamers who love construction is that residences are only available in the city of San Myshuno and cannot be built or removed, with the only thing that can be changed being their interiors.

Get Together 

Clubs and Get-Togethers Improve the Sims 4’s Gameplay. Get Together Windenburg is one of the most useful aspects of getting Together. There are a staggering twenty-seven lots in this Northern European-inspired environment, including a massive sixty-four by sixty-four residential lot, making it the largest in The Sims 4.

Get Together also included clubs, which proved to be a helpful addition, particularly when the player was tasked with managing several Sims at the same time. Sims may now hang out with their friends and participate in activities in a group, which makes gameplay a lot simpler and more fun to play.

The Dance Machine and DJ Mixing abilities, as well as a slew of radio stations and party-related objects such as the Foosball table, the dartboard, DJ booths, and dance floors, were included in the pack despite the fact that it did not contain any new professions.

Cottage Living 

Having campaigned for years in a loud and persistent manner, Simmers eventually achieved what they desired. A fresh viewpoint on the Sims 4 is provided by Cottage Living, which includes the rural, English-inspired environment of Henford-on-Bangley, as well as features that allow players to live off the land. Thanks to this expansion pack, Sims may now care for their own crops, raise and befriend animals, and fulfill their wildest cottage core fantasies.

Mrs. Agnes Crumplebottom, the tote-wielding senior who won’t hesitate to beat Sims that irritate her, is also returning to Cottage Living. Mrs. Agnes Crumplebottom is a fan-favorite character from previous games. And, to top it all off, llamas make their first official debut in the Sims series after years of appearing as Easter eggs across the franchise.


However, despite the fact that Seasons has become a standard pack in every Sims game at this time, its obvious popularity and legendary significance cannot be denied.

Because of the seasonal pack’s introduction of fresh weather, The Sims 4’s always bright skies are completely transformed, making the game seem a whole lot more complete and interesting. It also adds new holidays such as Winterfest and Death Day, as well as a useful calendar that players can use to keep track of future festivities.

Most importantly, Seasons has an impact on every Sim 4 planet, making it the finest and most helpful expansion pack available to players to date. It maintains the majority of the elements that have made previous Seasons packs so popular, and despite the lack of a new planet, the pack manages to infuse fresh life into every current place in the game.


Whatever your motivation for ghost hunting or just want to have a conversation with some friendly spirits, you’ll need this item pack in order to get your Paranormal Investigator certification.

As with Tiny Living, the price of this DLC is shockingly low for the amount of material it provides. This game brings back the Ghost Hunter profession that we originally tested out in The Sims 3, as well as the addition of haunted homes as a new lot type.

Bonehilda from Makin’ Magic returns for a reunion that is a blast from the past. It’s safe to say that conducting seances alters the course of one’s everyday routine.


If you enjoyed Parenthood and want even more ideas on how to make your toddler’s upbringing the best it can be, this is a great thing bundle to purchase. It’s brimming with adorable new items, from colorful, knee-high fences to jungle gyms and slides to swings and slides.

You’ll also be able to organize playdates, which is a fantastic reason to turn your backyard into a giant obstacle course for the kids. Pay attention to your children as they run about and use their imaginations to the fullest extent possible, and please outfit at least one of them in the cute dungarees and monster shoes.

Kid’s Room 

Now that you’ve finished building a playground in your backyard, you can turn your focus to interior decorating. Getting the entire family-oriented experience requires this item pack, which is the last piece of the jigsaw to be completed.

Because the primary emphasis is on incorporating more furniture and adornments into your rooms, sticking to any particular color schemes or themes that you have in mind will be much simpler to accomplish. The themed rooms, on the other hand, seem to have been plucked directly from the pages of Toy Story.


Despite the fact that EA continues to release packs of different sizes for The Sims 4 on a regular basis if you’re just starting started with the game or are working on a limited budget, scrolling through the game’s shop page may be daunting.