Best Social Media Management Apps and Tools in 2021?

Digital marketing departments manage the social media accounts of their businesses and work to increase their sales, enhance their brand loyalty, and improve their client base.

With the help of social media apps and tools, social media marketers can run automated marketing campaigns to increase post engagements, likes, and comments.

What are the Best Social Media Management Apps and Tools in 2021

Read more about the best social media apps to effectively manage your social media accounts.

Facebook Power Editor

The Facebook Power Editor is a management tool that allows companies to run advertising campaigns. With the help of frequent updates, they can get access to the latest features and capabilities as well. Businesses must make sure to add these to their marketing campaigns.

The app also allows users to manage their budgets based on ad properties. With the help of the tool, you can easily launch campaigns. It also shares insights so that you can predict how well your marketing campaign is going to perform. 


Woobox allows social media marketers to create engaging content. It is the ideal platform for gamers, commercial organizations, and influencers to conduct giveaways.

The app’s algorithm can track the particular hashtag from your post and select a winner at random from the comments below. For social media influencers and gamers particularly, the application plays a vital role in increasing their engagements and likes as well.

Many people like to get free giveaways on social media websites. Therefore, they rush to the pages of such organizations and businesses. 

Social media apps such as Facebook also provide unique incentives for streamers. For example, the Facebook Stars option allows users to give a certain number of them to a streamer.

A star is equal to a cent. As a result, even the streamers can earn big with these giveaways as many viewers also gift stars during these giveaways. 

Twitter Native Platform

The Twitter native platform works in a similar way to the Facebook Power Editor. Its major function is to allow businesses to search for trending hashtags. Once they find them out, they can use them in their own posts for better visibility and post engagement.

Twitter is all about hashtags and they play a crucial role in increasing branch outreach for companies. If you are a social media marketer, then you must use trending hashtags as they will allow you to not only retain your existing clients but also get new ones. 

HubSpot Marketing Tool

The HubSpot marketing tool is a powerful email marketing tool that aids in customer relationship management and marketing purposes. This CRM is available as free as well as in the form of monthly subscriptions.

In the free version, you can send out a maximum of 2000 emails per month. This is an ideal offering for new businesses and startups. And even if you want to test the platform, this is the right place to start.

Once, you get familiar with the tool and like its email marketing capabilities then you can subscribe to the monthly packages as well.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is another social media management tool that will allow you to see how your posts are doing. For all your marketing campaigns, you can not only get critical insights from the tool but also see areas that require improvement.

The tool is ideal for companies engaging in mass marketing campaigns over Facebook. 

Caution: Facebook analytics will no longer be available after June 30, 2021


With the help of the above social media management tools and applications, you can manage your social media accounts easily.  Most businesses subscribe to such tools due to the value they bring. That doesn’t mean you skip on hiring qualified social media marketers.

Just like for a reliable internet connection you go through all the package details of Spectrum internet, similarly, to use social media management tools, you need good resources as well. 

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