How to Fix Edz Obelisk Not Working?

Season of Dawn – Destiny 2 is a game, streamed on PS 4, Xbox One, and PC with multiplayer mode. In Sundial activity, game mechanics have introduced obelisks as core components used to go to the next level in the game. 

Edz Obelisk

Only one obelisk is allowed to be linked to the sundial activity at a time. The gamer or a player can pick a weapon at the end of the activity. Weapons that are accessed with EDZ obelisk are the Gallant Charge fusion rifle or Infinite Paths 8 pulse rifle.

When the obelisks menu is activated in the system, not necessarily it is linked to the sundial. Obelisk needs to interact to explore the weapons.

Sundial Activity – Cannot Interact with EDZ Obelisk

While playing Season of Dawn – Destiny 2, if the player is intending to explore a specific location, the EDZ obelisk needs to be used.

While doing so, many times an error occurs stating that Can’t interact with EDZ obelisk and the player(s) in the same instance cannot proceed further.  This is a edz obelisk bug.

Edz Obelisk

There are multiple resolutions to this issue. Explore them and try out the one which is best suited for the scenario.

Resolution 1 – Temporary Fix Edz Obelisk Solution

In the game:

  1. Leave and enter the area again manually
  2. Come back to Orbit
  3. Clear the cache of game console
  4. Clear the cache of the PC browser

Resolution 2 – Repeat Steps Solution

  1. Give it a try to interact with EDZ Obelisk after reaching the gulch fast travel point.
  2. If it is not a success, return to the map and again try.
  3. Try jumping down to the earth.
  4. Enter the area again. 
  5. Give it a try again by jumping down to earth and again try to connect to EDZ Obelisk again. 
    • To jump down, press the double-triangle icon with 3 circles.
Ebz Obelisk
  1. Repeat the steps. According to the experience 5 tries are the success to fix the issue. You shall see the interaction options as below.
fix issue

Resolution 3 – VPN Solution to Fix Edz Obelisk

  1. Due to the network, the gamer is unable to find the spot. In this case, try to connect to VPN solution to different areas of the World. UAE worked as per the experience.
  2. Disable ports or define the strict NAT rules.
  3. Keep pinging as much as the player can.
  4. The player may be able to get into the zone.

Unlock EDZ Obelisk in the Game

  1. Kill Cabal.
  2. Destroy enemies with weapons and finish a fetch quest from Osiris.
  3. The player will be allowed to enter the Obelisk menu.
  4. You are done!


Getting the cache clear or repeating the steps of moving down to the earth and re-enter are these 2 resolutions that usually work for the game players. Please follow the steps as described and let us know if it works!

The hotfix by Bungie was supposed to release the fix in January 2020. After that, no update is available from the players as well as Bungie.