How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

If a player tamed an ocelot in Minecraft before 2018, they would have obtained a tamed cat as a result of their efforts. Since then, cats have formed their own band of mercenaries.

How to find a cat in Minecraft?

They may be found in villages, abandoned villages, and witches’ houses, among other places. When stray cats are discovered, they may be tamed with raw fish.

Feathers, phantom membranes, and thread are among the items that cats may deliver to players. At the time of their despawn, they will also drop a tiny bit of XP and string.

These cute creatures may be useful companions in Minecraft, especially while hunting and keeping safe in the world. As long as cats remain in close proximity to players, they will always assist in keeping creepers at bay.

A cat in the vicinity may assist gamers in going about their business outdoors without having to worry about being stalked by creepers.

Cats can be discovered in one of three locations, which players can choose from.

Conventional Village 

It starts with a conventional village, with each village producing a certain amount of cats depending on its size, and it continues from there.

Untamed cats may be seen hunting prey such as rabbits, and they spawn in the game depending on the number of beds available.

They will naturally reproduce as long as there is at least one villager and four beds available. There is a limit of 10 cats that may be created in a single town in Minecraft.

Abandoned Towns 

Abandoned settlements serve as the setting for the second cat location. Players who walk into abandoned towns may come across stray cats and iron golems, which they may use to their advantage.

If the lovely pest control crew is expelled from the village, the community will not be able to fulfill the criteria for earning additional income.

For gamers who want to tame cats in Minecraft, abandoned towns are the ideal location to visit.


Last but not least, there are witches’ cottages to consider. A witch’s hut is always an excellent spot for players looking for a black cat companion.

The majority of huts produced by a Minecraft seed will usually have witches in the vicinity and a black cat inside the structure.

How to feed a cat in Minecraft?

To feed an ocelot in Minecraft, which can only be found in the Jungle biome, you will need to give it numerous servings of raw fish over an extended period of time (any type of fish will work). To tame a cat, the player must meet the following requirements-

  •  The ocelot must be in “begging for food” mode (which means the cat will slowly approach you)
  • The player must not make any sudden or quick movements as the cat approaches
  • the ocelot must be within three blocks of the player’s current location.

The creature will transform from a Jaguar-like look to one of three popular cat colors-  a ginger tabby, tuxedo (inspired by Notch’s own cat), or Siamese after all of these requirements have been fulfilled and the ocelot has been tamed via fish.

If you want to breed numerous cats, you must first have two domesticated ocelots on your property. If you give the cats any type of raw fish, they will enter “love” mode, which is indicated by the presence of hearts over their heads.

Remember that at least one of the parent cats must be mobile in order for the kittens to be born since two sitting cats will not be able to reproduce.

How to tame a cat in Minecraft creative mode?

  • The first step in taming a cat is to get some raw fish from a nearby lake or river. Allow the uncooked fish to come to the surface and approach a stray cat. Give the cat the skeptical treatment by giving the uncooked fish to him.
tame a cat in Minecraft
  •  After you’ve made its heart appear over its head, continue to feed it raw fish to continue taming it. Before you try this, feed it many times so that it likes you. The hearts will vanish once the cat has been fed sufficiently, and then the cat will get a collar. 
feed raw fish to continue taming a cat
  • You needn’t worry if you lose track of your cat since they have the ability to teleport to you if you are moving 12 blocks away. Tamed cats don’t sit still, so you’ll need to order them to sit to stop them from exploring. You can use commands like “sit” and “stay” to get a cat to remain in one position.
best friend forever
  • Cats will utilize objects to climb furniture whenever they are in a home. Sleeping directly on top of chests, beds, and stoves is very common for them. You can push them out of the way, get them to move away from you, or pull bricks out from beneath them to get them to move.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why can’t I tame a cat in Minecraft?

You must locate a cat near a town or Witch Hut in a swamp environment in order to tame it in Minecraft. The stray cat must be fed using either raw cod or raw salmon, both of which may be found on the fishing table.

Can you tame village cats?

Yes, you can tame village cats by giving a cat any kind of raw fish, such as raw cod or raw salmon, which can help to tame it.

How many fish does it take to tame a cat in Minecraft?

You must have a minimum of 20 fish on your person. Press the right mouse button on the Ocelot with the fish in its mouth until it rotates.

How do you get a pet cat on Minecraft?

In Minecraft, taming passive, neutral, or hostile creatures will provide the player access to a companion. The taming procedure generally consists of locating a wild animal, capturing them in a confined space, and gradually earning the confidence and allegiance of the animal via interaction with the animal (usually feeding them).