How to Integrate the Application With Google Firebase

The technology is all around the world but it also needs to be upgraded. The technology which is used by the user is not good enough to store data. We will be discussing Google firebase and application integration in this article. Google firebase and its integration provide many advantages to the user. It is a platform that can be used for any purpose.

Integrate the Application With Google Firebase

It is super- obnoxious. It is a platform that helps in improving, growing, and building many applications for the user. For good experience this toolset provides services. This platform involves data configuration, file storage, push messaging, etc. According to the user, the component behind the product which is fully maintained and operated by google is Cloud hosting.

Software Development Kit provides a firebase that can help in interacting with the service of the backend without the establishment of middleware between the service and the application. With the firebase of Google, this is how the integration of applications is done.

This application involved both back and front end software which makes this application unique among all.  The code of the front end when gets exposed using the backend also invokes the endpoint of API and then does not work. It gets bypassed. Firebase helps in providing administrative access to the products.

Firebase is a fast building platform without any managing infrastructure. It provides you the functionalities like databases, messaging, crash reporting, etc. This application helps you to focus on user and move quickly.

Google Firebase

Google Firebase is a Google Android. It helps in building and developing applications with great speed. It is a complete solution of the backend and is used for real-time database, hosting, etc. It also helps in building good infrastructure and automatic scales on Google. For amalgamating we should aware of new and existing applications. Sometimes due to the integration of applications, one can cause a lot of damage and harm to the system and user also. So, we should be fully aware of the pros and cons of doing integration with firebase. 

google firebase

The integration of Google firebase is done with the help of multiple web applications then it will provide a lot of benefits to the user. This can be the best means of authentication by which only users are intended to use their systems. Therefore, it is one of the biggest advantages of Google firebase.

There are also certain benefits of using firebase but before getting to the benefits you should know about its pros also. Let’s have a look at some of them:

As we know, Google firebase is authentication which says that various applications need identification of the user to save their information over the cloud and can provide a good experience with different devices whereas Firebase provides you the SDK and UI libraries for clients so that the authentication can be done by web applications with the help of only user name email address and password. Here, users can integrate the new method of login into the application also. This is one of the advantages of using google firebase.

google firebase flow

Some more advantages can be like hosting which provides production-grade, fast, and secure for application developers. It also helps the user in developing the deploying web applications and immobile content to CDN i.e., Content Delivery Network. This can be called the best advantage of using firebase by which a user can create multiple applications for storing files like images and videos.

cdn working

Another pro is that it allows us to give a free notification service so that the user can develop the application according to it. This application is having a GUI console from which the notification can be sent to the user. Using the advantage of this notification the user can find about the updates of their application. 

Firebase real time api

Firebase is the Real-time database platform and is also referred to as the paging software for the integration of the application. It makes the imitate the application which increased much and makes the database faster as compared to the existing one. 

On this application, a user can store their information as it is a cloud-based and real-time database software. This information is stored in JSON format which is synchronized irregularly to the customers. As if anyone wants to create a web application, Android application, or IOS application then it gives real-time updates to the users for managing the components of the backend in the application developed by the user. 

Admob feature provides its users an advertising facility that can generate profits from client-designed web applications.

Many users using the application gave positive feedback on the advantages of integrated google firebase. Therefore, these are the major advantages of firebase.

Now, let’s have a look at some more facts about firebase such as why users should use firebase? What are the benefits of using firebase to the users? Why the integration of firebase is to be done with the developed web applications?

Google firebase is having a listing and indexing feature by which the application shows in the index of Google result search that’s why this application is having a good advertising facility.

With the help of this feature, a user can see their application on Google only by searching it. When the application will be searched on Google, they will find their application has good indexing on Google pages. People invest a lot of money forgetting applications to search on Google and also to get a good result. Thus, this is one of the most important and useful features of this application.

 It’s not true that big organizations have less chance of getting bankrupt. The winner also faces many failures before getting success. Here, this topic of Firebase bankruptcy is not contextual but soon you will realize that it is interconnected with each other. 

On social media Facebook blackout with its Parse platform known as Bass in the year 2017. It forced users to seek a replacement. According to the constitution, anybody can’t force anyone to do anything.

According to Firebase, this software is having a free start which means there is no payment required for its services. It is free of cost and a user can give a fresh start with it at any time. This application makes understand to its user about the fitting and peculiarities of the application. Whenever a user needs specific database memory then the user can switch to the plans also so that he/she should not face any problems. The price page is having a calculator that will be regulated with various parameters.

Another fact of firebase is that it is having concise documentation which means the platform is very carefully documented. Firebase is having good SDK references and technical documentation and also allows its users to have access to the entire product easily and effectively.

Steps of integration of application:

Approximately there are 9 to 10 steps that need to be followed by every user so that no difficulty shall be faced by any of its users. The steps are as follows:

  1. The very first step is to connect firebase with the application using this link.( Here, the project-level build Gradle is a file that includes a repository name. For example Google’s John.
buildscript {

  repositories {
    // Check that you have the following line (if not, add it):
    google()  // Google's Maven repository

  dependencies {
    // ...

    // Add the following line:
    classpath ''  // Google Services plugin

allprojects {
  // ...

  repositories {
    // Check that you have the following line (if not, add it):
    google()  // Google's Maven repository
    // ...
  1. Creation of the database should be there. If no database is created user needs to create the database using a firebase console. 
 database connection

3. After reaching the console page, the user needs to click on the add project button and further needs to follow as per the instruction continuous to popup on screen. This process is for creating a Firebase project. 

firebase welcome page

4. When its navigation processes are completed then the user can prompt via selecting the project and can follow the creative workflow in the database. With this step, some security rules should be taken care of. Two modes will be mentioned named as:

  • Locked mode
  • Test mode

5. Now, the database SDK, real-time database Android library is added to the module file.

6. Till this step Real-time rules of the database is done. It also allows the user to define the data in a structured form. For example It will help the user to index the data and can find that either in the written form or can be read.

7. Now, the process of writing the database is also completed. The next step is to provide the retrieved database and the location in which the user is willing to write. This can be done bye by getting the function “Getinstance”. With this step, the implementation of get instance is completed.

8. With this database reading form is completed which is done by using ValueEventListener. Data change the method in which the listener is attached and is triggered.

9. With this the process of launch is completed.

This is the process of how the integration of Google firebase takes place. In the discussion above, we have talked about firebase. What is firebase? What work did it do? What are the advantages? What are the benefits? And many more. So, in the end, I just want to conclude with a single line that firebase is very useful and also has multiple benefits which will help the users in any and every manner.