How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

If the user is attempting to play in a globe where there appears to be a significant amount of structure stammering, users need to take action against the gangs in the universe to alleviate the situation.

A large number of forces, including roaming dealers and llamas, will never despawn. Thousands of gangs could be hiding in a void in a tunnel or a fence that you never proved discover.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

The player would retain a record of such herds and splurge funds to maintain them in the game’s database.

To use instruction to slaughter neighboring throngs could indeed help users maintain a steady framerate and prevent their system from getting too hot.

Using these directions, you will learn about the subsequent requests for instructions, the order to destroy every gang, and how to kill gangs in Minecraft.

Settings on which it is supported

Minecraft VersionCommand Compatibility 
JavaYes,/ kill@e
Pocket Edition Yes,/ kill@e
XboxYes,/ kill@e
PlayStation Yes,/ kill@e
Windows 10(Bedrock)Yes,/ kill@e
Education Edition Yes,/ kill@e

There is the possibility for the /kill command to be used on any given platform. It is possible to destroy all elements in your immediate vicinity by simply utilizing this power. When trying this decree, remember this in intellect.

Kill Command in Minecraft

There is just a single kill command in each edition of Minecraft, and that injunction is “/kill”. /kill is the starting point for all of your commands, and the user can define which individuals to destroy and which ones not to assassinate in their power.

In the Java version of Minecraft (1.12 and up), users can destroy prey by typing /kill targets>. Where “targets” refer to the stuff they want to bring out.

Utilizing the power /kill alone will murder each object in an ultimate load, comprising your armour, struts, minecarts, and even other performers. Render confident that the power cannot assassinate your performer to avoid doing so yourself.

For example, the command /kill @e[type=!player] will exclude all beings except your performer.

run kill command in minecraft

This pedagogy is similar across all editions of the Minecraft video game. Especially if you are participating in hardcore challenges, you may wish to settle into the experiment in a distinct realm just to be conclusive.

To further avoid assassinating any stray minecarts or armor stands that you may have placed around the house for aesthetic purposes, prepare to include them on the record of commodities that should be dismissed.

For example, “/kill @e [type=!player,type=!armor stand,type=!minecart]” could be utilized to kill a player.

chat and command to kill player

It’s important to memorize that some gangs, such as slimes, will generate other crowds. It is not true that destroying a gang of slimes once will result in limited gangs being piled unless it was the tiniest variant of slime that was being targeted.

You only need to repeat the command for two more periods to guarantee there are no more slimes.

How to kill mobs?

The command /kill @e will take care of the whole game, including yourself, as previously mentioned.

Keep in mind that if you want to protect yourself from killing additional entities, you must first preclude yourself and other groups from the command by typing “type=!player” after you type @e.

For example, if you want to save your wolves, armor stands, minecarts, and of course yourself, you can use the command /kill @e [type=!player, type=! armor stand, type=!minecart, 

minecraft kill command to kill everything

With great power comes great responsibility, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not accidentally kill any entity that exists in your world. Always remember to exclude certain entities/mobs from the command to avoid accidentally killing your companions, decorations, or anything else you care about.