How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

In Minecraft, one of the interesting features is to create the shield. A shield is useful as a protection when attacked by players. The process of making a shield is easy once the items are gathered and available in the inventory repository.

What items are required for making a shield?

Gather the below items while playing –

  • Jungle Planks (Count – 6)
  • Iron Ingot (Count – 1)
  • Oak Planks (Count – 6)
  • Spruce Planks (Count – 6)

Any one type of planks are required. You don’t have to gather all types of planks listed above.

How to make a shield in Minecraft (Windows PC)?

  1. Start the game.
  2. Open the crafting menu by pressing the E key.
  3. The craft menu shall show the crafting table with a 3×3 grid.
craft menu shall show the crafting table with a 3x3 grid
  1. The first thing you need is Iron Ingot. To make it, follow the steps.
    • Open the Furnace by standing in front of it.
Furnace by standing in front of it
  • Right-clicking it shall open the Furnace menu.
Right-clicking it shall open the Furnace menu
  • Add fuel in the box vertically placed on the left side bottom.
  • Put Iron ore in the upper box.
  • The flames will be shown. This means the process of making Iron Ingot is started.
flame shows the process is started
  • Once iron ore smelting is done, the Iron Ingot shall appear on the right side box as shown above.
  • Move Iron Ingot to Inventory.
  1. Now, come back to the crafting table, where you need to place Iron Ingot in the 3×3 grid. The first row, middle box of the grid needs to be used to place the Iron Ingot.
  2. Place 6 wood planks in the crafting table the same as shown in the image below.
Place 6 wood planks in the crafting table
  1. Match the same pattern while adding the planks in each box as above.
  2. Once done, the shield is made and shown in the right side box.
  3. It is simple once you have gathered the material required.

Minecraft is available for multiple platforms

The game is so popular that it supports all platforms that players use for gaming.

  1. PS4
  2. Xbox One
  3. Windows 10
  4. Pocket Edition
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. Java Edition (Mac)
  7. Pocket Edition


Once the player knows how to capture the items from different locations in Minecraft, it is difficult to build or craft any items. First, capture all required items and then, start creating the desired item. It becomes easy and fun to add these items to inventory and use them when required.

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