How to Unlock Characters in Mario Party?

Mario Party is a very interesting and fun game that is played on Nintendo. Many game boards, minigames and so many characters. Full of joy. It keeps the gamer entertained that anyone would hardly like to stop playing.

As all games have different levels, here also is an interesting play. There are some hidden characters that can be unlocked with certain tricks.

I am going to show the ways to unlock hidden characters of Mario Party. Let’s have fun together.

Unlock hidden characters in Mario party

Hidden Characters in Mario Party

The below characters in the game are not shown upfront. They need to be found taking certain playing moves on the path.

  • Pom Pom
  • Diddy Kong
  • Donkey Kong
  • Dry Bones

Unlock Pom Pom

Unlock pom pom by clearing 5 of challenge road
  1. Unlock all minigames available in Mario Party. Without these, Pom Pom cannot be unlocked.
  2. Next, finish the Salty Sea section of Challenge Road. 
  3. In the Party Plaza, Pom Pom shows up.
  4. The die for Pom Pom is – 0 3 3 3 3 8

Unlock Diddy Kong

unlock diddy kong  clear world 2 of challenge road
  1. Unlock all minigames available in Mario Party. Without these, Diddy Kong cannot be unlocked.
  2. Next, finish the Chestnut Forest section (world 2) of Challenge Road. 
  3. Diddy Kong shows up there.
  4. The die for Diddy Kong is – 0 0 0 7 7 7

Unlock Donkey Kong

unlock donkey kong by clearing 3 different routes in river survival mode
  1. You need to go through the River Survival path 3 times.
  2. Each time, take a different route for River Survival.
  3. On the third path, Donkey Kong will be shown into the home stretch.
  4. The die for Donkey Kong is – Five coins and 0 0 0 10 10

Unlock Dry Bones

image 8
  1. This character is a little weird. Not a fixed pattern to unlock.
  2. It is shown in Party Plaza after you play a couple of rounds.
  3. He is found at the top of Plaza.
  4. The die for Dry Bones is – 1 1 1 6 6 6

Mario Party is always fun

Irrespective of unlocking minigames and characters, it is obvious joy in playing Mario Party. The characters and minigames will come automatically during your fun playing. You will find the ways to unlock these characters. Most of the time, it is just the direction we take to unlock the hidden characters.