How to Pin or Unpin a Tweet on Twitter?

Twitter has already become so popular that it has become part of daily lives of Twitter users. Any current affair which is going on, any political event, sports event or news related to any subject area, Twitter is the platform for public opinions. By Tweeting and retweeting, the event becomes the topic of discussions. 

How to Unpin a Tweet on Twitter

What does it mean when we say “Pin a Tweet”?

Pinning a tweet is also the most favorite activity of the Twitter user. The intention to pin the tweet is to keep it on the top of the user’s profile irrespective of the time it was tweeted. Basically, the pinned tweets stay on the top on the user’s profile.

The Twitter user may want to keep the tweet on top for a while and once another post comes up which is more important, the previous pinned tweet can be unpinned. 

How to pin a tweet

  1. Open the Twitter account.
  2. Go to the Profile option from the left.
open profile to select tweet
  1. On the right side, the list of tweets shall be shown.
right side the tweets are listed
  1. On the right side tweets published by the user shall be shown.
  2. Clicking a 3-horizontal dot icon, the user shall see the below context menu.
Clicking a 3-horizontal dot icon, select pin/unpin to your profile
  1. The option “Pin to your profile” shall be chosen. Below pop up shall appear.
select Pin a tweet
  1. Pick the option Pin. The tweet that is pinned shall be shown on the top of the profile.
  2. There you go! The tweet is pinned.

How to unpin a tweet

Pinned tweets can be unpinned quickly. The steps to do are as below:

  1. Go to the Twitter profile.
  2. Pick the pinned tweet. 
  3. Click the 3-horizontal dots icon located at the right side of the tweet.
  4. See the context menu.
from option select unpin from profile
  1. Choose the Unpin from the profile item.
  2. Once done, the tweet is successfully unpinned.
  3. Easy and quick steps.

Twitter is global platform

Be it a sports event, any political event or COVID related latest news, Twitter is the platform that attracts the world to publish their opinions on each tweet that is shared. People around the world use the platform to build a wave on any affair that is currently going on.

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