How to View Comments on Twitter [with Images]

Comments on Twitter are published to people for them to react to the comments. Based on the number of comments received on the post, it gains popularity on the platform. People’s reactions are shown in the form of comments. Expression of people is shown in terms of aggression, negligence, ignorance, hatred, supporting the view, and so on.

view twitter comments

Twitter followers are so active in viewing the comments on popular posts and start acting upon the same. Be it IPL, Covid-19, Marvel Movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, or Politics, you will find all types of followers on the Twitter platform. Twitter has made people addicted to viewing posts on interesting topics and acting upon them within a fraction of seconds. You must have experienced this. 

If you are a follower of the topic or a story that is hot, you will see tons of comments as soon as you refresh the page.

The most trending topics get thousands of likes, re-tweets, and comments on Twitter.

Twitter Platform – Origination of Idea

Jack Dorsey, a co-founder of Twitter came up with an idea to build the messaging platform in 2006. He shared the idea with Evan Williams and Biz Stone, co-founders of Odeo, a podcasting company. They liked the idea and suggested to Jack to go for further development of this project.

Twitter was launched as a messaging platform, however now it has become a post-sharing platform. Twitter users can debate, criticize, and openly give their views on trending topics. 

Twitter Features

Twitter provides a list of interesting features. 

  • Tweet – The first and foremost feature is to tweet. The tweet is referred to as sharing the post with the public. You can post a tweet in the form of a video, picture, poll, or simple text messages with hashtags. You can also send personalized tweets where you can set the contact settings who can reply to your tweets.
twitter post
  • Bookmarks – You can bookmark the tweets posted by your contacts or in public. If it finds you interesting, you can bookmark the tweet. This helps you find the specific tweet easily.
twitter comment link
  • Direct Messages – You can send personalized messages to groups or contact from your Twitter account. You will receive the reply from the group in the messages. Basically, the conversation happens one-to-one without getting the public into the conversation.
  • Poll – This is the most interesting feature. You can send a tweet in terms of Poll. Create a poll and get people voting on the poll. You can set up the number of choices, and duration to keep the poll active and publish. You can also remove the poll before the timelines are set.
  • Follow / Unfollow – You can follow or unfollow the tweets posted by your contacts. You can also follow or unfollow the public tweets that are shown based on your interests. Not only this, you can set other options as you are not interested in the tweet, report the tweet or add/remove the tweet from the list or block the poster of the tweet.
twitter QnA
  • Hashtags – Another interesting feature that Twitter introduced is a hashtag. The keyword that starts with the ‘#’ character is called a hashtag. The tweets containing the most used hashtags become trending and is shown in the Trending section of your Twitter page.
  • Topics – Twitter topics show you suggested topics based on your profile. It is your choice whether you want to follow any of the topics from the suggested ones. Once you start following the topic, all the tweets posted on that topic will be shown on your Twitter home page. You can also move the topics to Not Interested. After that, these topics will never be suggested to you. You can also explore more topics.
  • Moments – Twitter provides another important element, called Moments. You can create it as an event. You can club your multiple tweets and add them to your Moments. Give it a title and choose to publish it later. If your profile is not public, you will not be able to share moments on Twitter. 
  • Lists – Another feature is a list that can be added to your Twitter profile. The list consists of a group of members with a name and a description. It provides a privacy feature that can be set when you are sharing the list. Only the members of the list can view the tweets. Once your purpose of keeping the list is over, you can delete it.
twitter list
  • Notifications – You receive notifications on the contacts who started following you, or any new tweet is posted or an existing tweet is retweeted to keep you informed. 

After having an overview of the most used features of Twitter, let us understand the Twitter profile. 

Twitter Profile

Your profile contains all the tweets you have posted, the tweet you have liked, the tweets you have replied and so on. It also contains the count of followers you have and the count of contacts you are following on Twitter. 

You can view your profile name and upload the profile picture that is visible to viewers of your profile. 

A short description you have set as who you are when you joined Twitter and your location are some of the important information of your profile. 

Next, we are going to see how you can add comments to tweets and view comments from the tweet.

How to Add Comments to Tweet?

  1. Log into your Twitter account. The Home page appears.
twitter dashboard
  1. Choose the tweet on which you need to add the comment.
twitter comment
  1. For options in the form of icons appear on the tweet.
    • Icon 1 (Tweet your reply) – The icon highlighted with the blue border is used to reply to the tweet you have received. The pop-up opens and the cursor will be on the text area for you to reply. Enter your reply, and click Reply
twitter reply
  1. Icon 2 (Add Comments) – The next icon is to add your comments. A pop-up appears clicking the icon. Enter the comments where the “Add a comment” placeholder is shown. Once added, click Retweet. Your comments are successfully posted for that tweet.
add comment
  • Icon 3 (Like the Tweet) – Click the heart icon to like the tweet.
  • Icon 4 (Sharing Tweet Options) – The last icon has multiple options such as Send via Direct Message, Add Tweet to Bookmarks and Copy link to Tweet. You can choose to select any option with the tweet.

Now, we will see how to view comments on Twitter.

How to View Comments on Twitter?

  1. Sign in / Access your Twitter account.
  2. On a successful sign-in an attempt, the Home page appears.
  3. You will see a list of Tweets that you have received.
  4. Choose or select the tweet for which you wish to view all the comments received on the tweet. (The comments are from all the people who have commented on that tweet and not a specific group of people.)
  1. You will see the time next to the person who has posted the tweet. On the screen above, it shows 6h.
  2. Click the 6h link. The page is converted to a thread (as shown below).
  1. You can keep scrolling through – to view all the comments on the tweet.
  2. You not only will be able to view the comments but also likes and other comments posted on the tweets. It is an endless hierarchy of posts that you can explore.

We have seen how you view comments on Twitter. 

Important: To post any tweet, you can enter 280 characters as text. No lengthy descriptions or essays are allowed to be created in a tweet. That is the beauty of a tweet. 

Twitter as a Social Media platform

Twitter is a unique platform if we compare it with Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. The world’s latest news can be found on Twitter first, all the debates and expressions of view are found on the most popular topics on the Twitter platform.

Polling on the tweet, your expressions or view using likes, adding comments, replying with emojis, or adding images to the tweet is all possibilities you can use on Twitter. It is also an advertisement platform where you can showcase your product or services. You get reviews of your product in the form of comments.

Political events are fully captured on Twitter and people are expressing and debating about the actions and economy taking leads in tweets. The news of celebrities is spread via Twitter quicker than any other channel of publishing or broadcasting. 

Using Twitter as an open forum platform, people have started analyzing, and understanding the mindsets and trends in the current patterns of any topic that are being published as tweets. Twitter has become a game-changer for economic and political events.

Minimalism is the key feature of Twitter. Short description and hit the target of what you want to say. Just publish it and be prepared for all types of replies. Widen your horizon with what’s happening in the world. Anyways, the world has become small by connecting the dots all over the places.

Twitter has set a benchmark in publishing the posts in short and brief terms. It takes no time to revert or retweet the post that is being published. Twitter just rocks!

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