Top PS4 Games

You’re in the correct spot if you’re looking for the greatest PS4 games. We will not only include the greatest PlayStation 4 games but also cover PS4 titles launched in 2020, which will keep you up to speed.

PS4 games

Some of these games are also the greatest PS4 games online, so you can play them with your friends wherever they’re on the globe. We include not just adult audience games, but also the top PS4 games for children, to make gaming a family affair. 

We will not include future PS4 games, because they have not yet been published, therefore we don’t know how deserving they are to be. Others of the titles listed are popular video games and some you haven’t heard of.

There are few free games available on the platform. However, since the PS4 was released in 2013, several titles are available at reasonable pricing for the system. Others of these games are excellent for internet gaming while some are the finest experiences for a single player


Bloodborne is a delectable nightmare of a game, in which FromSoft transposes its concept to a vividly dark Lovecraftian universe that is equal parts terrifying and beautiful.

There are similarities to the Dark Souls series, but it has its own distinct flavor; the action is more forceful, doing away with the turtling that many players depended on, and the narrative it tells is more explicit than the Dark Souls series.

In terms of overall quality, this is probably director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s best game to date; at the end of the generation, it will likely come down to this or Breath of the Wild as the best game of the period.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a fictional character created by author Stephen King in the 1990s.

Because it was in production for so long and was only sometimes shown to the public, The Last Guardian became something of a legendary beast in its own right. True to its reputation as a fantastic experience, this game has exceeded our expectations.

While it is packed with intriguing secrets, the way the narrative develops has a great sense of familiarity.

A young kid tends to a wounded beast, and then the young boy and the injured beast travel across a huge, nearly desolate country. This is a trip as much as it is a game, taking you through dark grottos and up spindly peaks of sun-bleached stone.

While it is a trip, it is also a meditation on friendship and collaboration and the compassion we owe to the living creatures in our environment, among other things.


Despite the fact that gamers weren’t starved for lavishly detailed action games in the summer of 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man is still Insomniac’s Spider-Man, and Peter Parker barely edges over Kratos in our opinion. You can feel the pure feeling of freedom and enjoyment that this game elicits from the player.

It’s a fantastic playground, and it’s also the setting for some beautifully constructed fan service in Spidey’s Manhattan. As you go through the game, you’ll see cameos and collectibles, and the core of the game combines combat and navigation, as well characterization, in a manner that has never been done before. What a fantastic game it has been.


There are now many Yakuza games to select from due to Sega’s more passionate approach to localization over the last several years, with Zero emerging as the best of the lot.

A prequel set in Tokyo and Osaka serves as the ideal introduction to this most brilliant series – and since it is a prequel, it excuses some of the exaggerated excesses that the Yakuza is renowned for used to significant effect in this installment.

The game’s already sleazy environment is given an additional layer of sleaziness when you successfully finish a battle, and a shower of cash flutters over the screen when you do. It’s a fantastic game, and it serves as a pleasant reminder that the Sega you once loved never really disappeared.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a game that will define the conclusion of the PS4 generation, whether you like Hideo Kojima’s odd tales or can find pleasure in its ‘walking simulator on energy drinks’ gameplay.

Death Stranding is available now on PlayStation 4. As Sam Porter Bridges, you’ll travel through an alternate universe inhabited by survivors, Timefall rain showers, and Beached Things, or BTs, who are the souls of the deceased who are unable to move on.

 Aside from that, there are Mules, robbers driven insane by a desire for parcels, nightmare villains Cliff and Higgs, as well as BB, your Bridge Baby, who aids you in your efforts to escape being captured by the best.

Additionally, Kojima has packed the game with superstars, like Norman Reedus as Sam, Margaret Qualley as Mama, and an embarrassment of riches from his own contacts book. You may or may not like it at all times, but you will never have experienced anything quite like it before


This contemporary remake is deserving of the moniker Doom, and it’s essentially the first-person shooter equivalent of a substantial body: it’s fast, powerful, and strikes extremely hard when it comes to damage.

This time, you awake as the original Doomguy, ready to go on another rampage of demon slaughter on a Mars colony. The storyline is exciting, and it explains how you’re able to kill so many Hellspawn.

Throwing open the Super Shotgun and blasting an Imp’s internal organs into oblivion, followed by a lightning-fast, breathtakingly brutal Glory Kill on the demon who had been trapped by shrapnel right behind him, there’s a primordial pleasure in doing so.

With new features like upgrades and double-jumping, the traditional weaponry and opponent types are given a new lease of life, making Doom one of the most frantic and entertaining shooters of all time.

Fallout 4’s

Fallout 4’s superb gunplay and crafting mechanics, which strike the PlayStation 4 with the atomic power of a Fat Boy, may cause a severe case of RPG-itis among players.

If you have a Stimpak, you won’t have to stress out over it! There’s so much to do in this post-apocalyptic world that it’s almost frightening, and you’ll find yourself setting out on a quest only to get sidetracked when you come upon something unique (or terrible) along the route.

 An authentic voice for the main character adds another degree of refinement to the proceedings. The enlarged selection of friends and personalization choices are also highly welcome additions to the package.

Even though it is not without its shortcomings (or vaults), the sheer size of Bethesda’s wasteland will have you cooped up for weeks. Spend your time sloshing through the many DLC additions that come with the entire Game of the Year edition, and you’ll never want to leave the Wasteland again.

Nex Machina 

Housemarque went beyond just emulating Eugene Jarvis’s arcade work by bringing him on board for this twin-stick shooter that is so vivid and explosive that it might serve as a send-off for the whole genre. As mechanical beasties swarm and multiply around you, you must warp and dash your way through mind-numbing levels.

Since Robotron 2084, no game has derived much enjoyment from the basic pleasures of movement and firing. Regardless of what Housemarque has just said, arcade games are still alive and well. Nex Machina, the death machine, is an excellent example of why arcade games will be around for a long time to come.

Titanfall 2 

Titanfall 2 is a behemoth of a game that should not be underestimated. Considering how well it executed a clever campaign and improved the original’s deadly multiplayer, it was one of the most significant shocks of 2016. (which was Xbox-only).

There are so many unexpected twists and turns in this tale, which is set in a genre that has long been rooted in the wash-rinse-repeat cycle that it offers absolute freedom while maintaining a feeling of the known.

Even Optimus Prime would have a hard time keeping the adrenaline flowing throughout the game’s big-gun fights, which are genuinely three-dimensional. The execution of this game is everything from robotic, to making it a one-of-a-kind experience.


According to Hohokum, video games are works of art and movement, sounds and colors, and action and response. They can be solved, but they can also be toyed with, and there should always be a sense of mystery around them: what has been left behind, what has been spoken, and how the whole thing came into being on earth.

On the surface of Hohokum, you’ll be guiding a snake through a series of colorful, changing 2D landscapes. Despite this, feelings are always deceiving, and the links between one location and another are always unexpected to discover. Hohokum is a toy, a puzzle, and an adventure all in one. In other words, it’s a video game, and it’s a mind-numbingly good one at that.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a video game developed by Capcom. Even though Monster Hunter has been steadily changing over the years, Monster Hunter: Environment represents its most significant transformation yet, as it introduces players to a real, breathing world haunted by unimaginably vast, arrestingly characterful creatures.

They’re so gorgeous that you almost don’t want to spend 30 minutes following them about and bonking them on the nose with a switch axe in the hopes of making a nice pair of pants out of them. But you have to. Almost.

Although it’s unfortunate, the fundamental loop of Monster Hunter has never been more compelling, and the world outside of Japan seems to have finally recognized the grandeur of Capcom’s franchise for what it is.