14 Top Oculus Quest 2 Games

The selection of the top Oculus Quest 2 games is largely influenced by the kind of games that you like playing. Additionally, keep in mind that when you have all of the action strapped right up against your face, things may become a little more difficult to cope with; horror game aficionados may not find jump scares as simple to deal with when they are occurring quite literally right in front of your eyes.

Best Oculus Quest Games

To play a game that is less combat-oriented, try Beat Saber, which takes the popular Guitar Hero game and puts it in an entirely virtual environment. VR also enables you to participate in leisure activities from the comfort of your own home, with VR versions of golf (Topgolf), fishing (Real VR Fishing), and even ping-pong (Eleven Table Tennis) among the best of the best on the Oculus Quest 2 platform, among other things.

Half-Life: Alyx

If there was ever a game that you wanted to utilize to demonstrate the kinds of experiences that virtual reality can really offer, half-Life: Alyx is the one you want to play. While it is not Half-Life 3, it is a game developed by Valve especially for virtual reality headsets, despite the fact that the gaming company did not expect to sell a large number of copies.

While it may be a niche title, it is also a fantastic illustration of how amazing virtual reality gaming can be when enough effort and development skills are put into it. Christopher Livingston, writing on our sister site PC Gamer, commended Half-Life: Alyx for its attention to detail, interactivity, narrative telling, location, and other aspects of the game.

SuperHot VR 

You may like Superhot VR if you’ve ever fantasized about what it might be like to be a polygonal hitman exploring a succession of desolate landscapes with a virtual reality headset. The game takes the fundamental concept of SuperHot, which is that time only truly moves when you move and applies it to the virtual reality environment. As a result, when you physically dodge a bullet, the projectile’s forward momentum changes from crawling to picking up speed.

SuperHot is a very amazing game on its own, but it feels much better when played in virtual reality. Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of slow-motion action that seems excessively fast-paced to you. A one-shot fatality may be avoided by taking the time to evaluate where you are in a place and planning many steps ahead of time.


In Virtual Reality (VR), Demeo is a remarkable four-player online role-playing game that replicates the sense of collaborative play. The 3D map, the characters, and your floating hands holding cards that may be used in-game all provide the impression of being in the middle of a D&D session that has come to life. More free material has been included in a recent update, and games are randomized a little bit each time to keep the thrill continuing forever. Read about our first-hand experience.

ForeVR Games Inc. 

Wii Sports is a game that I truly miss sometimes. Alternatively, there are actual bowling lanes. forever Bowl is the most realistic simulation of both, offering multiplayer play as well as solo challenges in a variety of realistic and bizarre settings. The ball mechanics are more accurate than anything Wii Sports could have imagined, yet they are also forgiving enough to allow players to have a good time. 


After you play The Climb 2, you will have no clue how unexpectedly intense virtual reality rock climbing can be. This successor to a famous virtual reality game (also available on Quest) makes use of your hands to reach up and grasp ledges, grab ropes, and zipline your way around the environment. Although it seems to be simple, finding ledges, maintaining the proper grip, and remaining focused may all be difficult tasks. It’s also incredibly stunning in its simplicity. 

Cyan World 

Despite the fact that Cyan Worlds’ new version of Myst is the same game you’ve undoubtedly played a million times before, the landscapes in this edition are breathtaking to explore. Consider this to be a puzzle game that also serves as a contemplative break. More information about Myst in virtual reality may be found here.


The opportunity to watch Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World was lost, but ILMxLab’s Batuu-themed game is the closest thing you can get to see the movie. Although it isn’t precisely a tour of Black Spire Outpost, the excellent character acting set design, and furious blaster fights make it a remarkable achievement in video game history. Although it was over much too fast, this Quest game was still less expensive than the majority of Disney trinkets. See also ILMxLab’s earlier lightsaber-wielding adventure, Vader Immortal, which also features Darth Vader.) Take a look at our first-hand account and interview.

Beat Saber

If you put Guitar Hero, the Dance Dance Revolution, and just a splash of Star Wars into a mixer, you would get Beat Saber. In this game, you match the color of your saber to slash blocks at the right angle.

In addition to an increase in speed, you must physically avoid dangers such as explosives and walls. The outcome is complete body training with a backdrop for pulse-thumping EDM. It’s an intriguing experience that only virtual reality can succeed.

For hours a comprehensive one-player career mode will test you with progressively precise needs for the campaign to beat. Free play lets you choose a song to jam to support or challenge you with togglable modifications.

Skydance Interactive 

Even though it’s pricey, and the file size for the Quest 2 may reach up to 8GB, this is console-quality virtual reality compressed into a portable headgear format. Saints & Sinners was already a critically praised PC virtual reality game, and the transfer to the Quest maintains the refinement and RPG-like feel of the original. It’s bizarre, but it’s also profound. There’s a lot more going on here than just taking pictures.


A surprising amount of Quest games are available for free, despite the fact that many are costly. Rec Room is a social gathering place that also serves as a gateway to a plethora of social games with an almost infinite number of options. It may have a similar vibe to Wii Sports or VR Roblox at times. Mini-adventures, paintball games, and other activities are available. 

The Climb

Sometimes a vacation from virtual violence is necessary. This is where the VR game The Climb comes in from Crytek. The developer that brought us Far Cry and Crysis developed a fantastic free-sky simulator that trades its players in the few of weapons for loud “oh wows.” CRYENGINE’s realistic environment gives you the excitement of dangling cliffs from the Alps to the American Southwest.

All the courses in the game provide a high challenge and need appropriate gripping skills. There are numerous routes to explore with varied views and valleys surrounding each climb. The successful completion of a climb enables you to classify and buy new equipment. Instead, failed runs are rewarded to induce anxiety.

Topgolf with Pro Putt

Topgolf started as Pro Putt, the finest available mini-golf VR game. This experience was second to the actual greens with its many courses, well-weighted clubs, and accurate ball paths. A recent update has introduced a Topgolf driving area, where many clubs from iron to drivers may see YouTube videos and assist up to seven pals.

You get access from the main menu to a green 10,000 square foot practice, a career mode, and a multiplayer. Multiplayer features such as Cornhole and Pitch Pong are reminiscent of the arcade games of the early aughts from Tiger Woods. Realizations, the leaderboards, and the ranking system offer Topgolf infinite replay value.

Job Simulator 

It was out for a while but Job Simulator is worth a visit to the Oculus Quest 2. Since the globe was wrecked by the epidemic of coronavirus and thus people have been on lockdown for the last 18 months or so, it is really not the same for many individuals to be able to experience a real-world workplace or work on-site.

The Job Simulator may thus be the cure to working from home tiredness if you are in a very good position to work remotely. In essence, a crazy collection of minigames, the Job Simulator places you in a range of positions, from an office worker to a mechanic in which you have to resolve a host of chores using your hands. It may seem a little simple compared with other games on our list, but it may just be the game to buy for a bit of chaotic faux escape.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

If you want to delve into intriguing puzzles, this all-new VR game from hit players, The Room, is a wonderful and scary mental exercise (but it’s not ideal for children). There are many more escape room games on the Quest, like the outstanding I Expect You to Die and the experiences in Adventure Labs with live multiplayer escape rooms