Best Nature For Type Null?

Gaming mechanics is an important factor to understand. To better play and achieve levels up, the functioning and rules need to be familiarised. 

Best Nature For Type Null_

In Pokemon, natures are defined as mechanics of Pokemon personality traits and change the stats. Statistics are referred to as statistics that are determined by applying values to Pokemon’s powers in a battle. Values are increased or decreased based on the nature adopted by Pokemon.

Types of Natures and Statistics

There are a total 25 types of natures available as mechanics in Swords and Shields – Pokemon. The table lists down the nature and the level up or down based on the move taken by Pokemon.

NatureMove DownMove Up
Serious NoneNone
SassySpeedSpecial Defense
RashSpecial DefenseSpecial Attack
QuietSpeedSpecial Attack
NaughtySpecial DefenseAttack
NaiveSpecial DefenseSpeed
ModestAttackSpecial Attack
MildDefenseSpecial Attack
LaxSpecial DefenseDefense
JollySpecial AttackSpeed
ImpishSpecial AttackDefense
CarefulSpecial AttackSpecial Defense
CalmAttackSpecial Attack
AdamantSpecial AttackAttack
GentleDefenseSpecial Defense

Above all natures, type Null Pokemon has the below traits. All of them neither increase the points nor decrease the points. You see “None” in both directions while playing Pokemon.

  • Bashful
  • Docile
  • Hardy
  • Quirky
  • Serious

In the battle, the type Null Pokemon nullifies the stats. The Pokemon does not like/dislike any food type. The nature of Null Type pokemon does not affect stats. Therefore, there is no best nature for Type Null.

View Nature of Null Type Pokemon

  1. Go to the main menu by pressing X on PS3.
  2. Choose Pokemon on the screen that shows up.
  3. Hover on the Pokemon and choose the A key. This pokemon is of yours. If the opposite player’s Pokemon nature to be found out, press R.
  4. The boxes shall be shown. Press Check Summary.
Check Summary
  1. Navigate to the pencil icon to view nature.
  2. You shall the nature name along with details of the stats. Example given below.

Can the Nature of Null Type Pokemon be changed?

The nature of type null pokemon cannot be changed. To change nature, stats are needed to be maximized. But as we saw in the earlier section, stats remain unaffected by nature. Maximizing stats is not possible for type Null.


Pokemon types, nature, and movesets are mechanics of leveling up in the game. The more you are well-versed with the moves and nature of Pokemon, the easier to crack the levels.

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