How to use VPN while playing Pokemon go

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Niantic has made it easier to play Pokemon Go from the comfort of one’s own home by offering a number of incentives to encourage people to do so. When used in conjunction with our Pokemon Go GPS spoofing hack, you will be able to continue playing even if you are restricted to your home or other secure location.

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Despite the fact that Pokemon Go is now accessible in every nation, not everyone has the same degree of access to the game’s characters as others have. In comparison to those who live in the suburbs or rural areas, individuals who live in urban areas will have a much larger number of Pokemon, Pokestops, and gyms in their immediate vicinity.

When it comes to the game, those who live in metropolitan areas have a huge advantage over everyone else, while those who live outside of cities are stuck in desolate landscapes with no indication of a Pidgey insight. 

The usage of bogus location apps allows you to deceive the app into believing you are somewhere else.

How to hide your location in Pokemon GO (Android & iOS)?

Hide your Pokemon GO geo-location is not as simple as it seems. As a result, we included step-by-step instructions to make the whole process less intimidating and complex.

Mobile devices that run on the Android operating system

  • Install the VPN software on your computer.
  • Next, download and install a phoney GPS programme on your mobile device. 
  • Software information may be found in the Settings > About Phone section of the phone.
  • Locate the Build number and press it seven times to complete the process. As a consequence of taking this step, developer mode has been activated on your device.
  • When you’re finished, go back to where you started from. The Developer Options category should be visible towards the bottom of the page, as seen in the screenshot. You are welcome to speak briefly about it.
  • From the drop-down option, choose Mock Location App as the application to use. Allow Mock Locations may or may not show on your device, depending on the version of the operating system you are using.
  • Then choose the phoney GPS programme that you downloaded and installed.
  • When you’re done, click on this link to exit the application. If you wish to experiment with the Mock Mock Locations module, you may do so by downloading it. Pokemon GO will be able to identify whether you are using a bogus GPS app until you make use of it, in which case you will be kicked out of the game.
  • The module should be activated once it has been successfully installed and configured.
  • It is now appropriate to make use of the VPN service. Start the application and choose the server you want to connect to from the drop-down menu.
  • Then you may open the phoney GPS programme you downloaded earlier. Use this opportunity to select coordinates as close as possible to the location of the VPN server, which is very essential.

Devices running on the iOS operating system (iPhone and iPad).

The VPN client may be obtained from the website of your service provider and installed. Things are starting to become a bit more difficult now, however. When using your iPhone, you must jailbreak it in order to hide your geographic location from others. The following is a guide that may be of use.

Following the completion of the jailbreak, you’ll need to download jailbreak spoofing software, in addition to a phony GPS app. Because your iPhone has now been jailbroken, you will need to visit the Cydia app store, which is an unofficial app store for jailbroken iPhones, in order to make use of its features.

If you use a jailbroken mobile device to connect to Pokemon GO’s servers, the game will be completely unaware of your actions.

  • Start the phoney GPS programme and choose the region in which you want to change your geo-location from where you are now.
  • Launch the virtual private network (VPN) and establish a connection to a server that matches the coordinates you entered in the fake GPS app.


Is it possible to conceal your geo-location with a VPN?

No, you’ll have to use a phony GPS app alongside it. It also makes use of the GPS data stored on your smartphone. The IP address associated with one geo-location and the GPS data associated with another geo-location is both visible when using a VPN purely for the purpose of concealment. As a result, they’ll be aware that you’re utilizing a VPN to conceal your location.

Is it possible to be barred from using a Pokemon GO VPN?

Checking the Player Guidelines reveals that this is a chargeable violation, which is good news. That means that if you attempt to impersonate someone else’s geo-location, your account will very likely be banned. As a result, whether you are using a VPN that does not have an impersonation-GPS program or one that leaks your IP address or whose IPs are marked black, you will almost certainly experience this problem.

How can you alter your location while playing Pokemon Go?

The majority of Pokemon GO players in big or suburban cities have little trouble finding poke stations or gyms, but what about those who live in rural areas? Those who live in distant regions may have difficulty identifying Pokestops and Pokemon in general, and they may miss out on capturing a particularly uncommon individual.

There is no fear of rural folks living in Pokemon, thanks to a technique that may let you have the same experience as your city-dwelling pals. When you use GPS Spoofing apps in conjunction with a strong VPN, such as our top pick ExpressVPN, you can change your position in Pokemon GO.

For the majority of mobile apps, using a VPN to change your location is sufficient to change your region or location. However, Pokemon GO has begun monitoring its servers for users who are visiting a site that does not correspond to their phone’s GPS data. Such players run the danger of being suspended or barred from participating. Using spoofing apps and masking modules, Pokemon Go is prevented from recognizing that your position has been changed.

How a VPN may assist you in changing the Pokemon GO area from any location?

Pokemon GO may be able to determine your location by validating your IP address. The company will also check the GPS coordinates of your mobile device to ensure that they match the IP address that you provided. If you cheat in Pokemon Go, the game may use your IP address to prevent you from participating in the game in any way whatsoever.

It is possible that your IP address will not be recognized while using a VPN in conjunction with GPS Spoofing software in this situation. As a result, you may conceal your internet activity while playing Pokemon GO and change your location. You may be able to obtain certain Pokemon and items that you would not have otherwise found if you had not relocated your location.

VPNs may also protect internet surfers or browsers via the use of a variety of apps. Hackers and other unauthorized persons cannot access your information because of powerful encryption.

Is it possible to play VPN Pokemon GO?

Yes. Simply turn on your GPS spoofing program, connect to your VPN, and you’ll be able to access Pokemon GO. Choosing a trustworthy VPN provider such as ExpressVPN is important since not all VPNs can hide your actual IP address or DNS requests.

Is it still possible to spoof Pokemon GO?

Yes, but if you are found, you may face some negative repercussions in the game. First and foremost, you should be aware that it is not illegal to spook at Pokemon GO locations. A first offense usually results in a seven-day suspension, during which time you may find that Pokemon cannot be caught and that missions saved may be lost.

What is the best VPN for Pokemon GO?

The best gaming VPN for Pokemon GO is ExpressVPN, but there are many other great gaming VPNs available, such as the ultra-reliable IPVanish, that are also appropriate.


Using a virtual private network (VPN) in conjunction with other GPS spoofing apps, you may fully immerse yourself in the Pokemon experience no matter where you happen to be. Utilizing virtual private networks (VPNs) may provide users access to Pokemon, Gyms, and other resources that they would otherwise not have access to without the use of VPNs.