6 Tips to Find the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business Website.

WordPress is a platform used to develop websites. The platform helps to build any website with zero coding knowledge. On WordPress, all types of websites can be built Like blog websites, small business websites, e-commerce websites, etc..….

WordPress theme

To dive into further details about choosing a theme. Say that you all are familiar with this dynamic platform.

WordPress Themes

For building a website, you need to choose the best WordPress theme. A theme is a pre-built design for a WordPress site. They come up with having all the necessary pages, layouts, menu bars, and sidebars. You can edit a theme according to your needs by using a drag-and-drop builder.

Different themes have different customizable options. Most likely, free themes do not allow more to make more changes. On the other hand, paid themes allow designing and changing them to every inch possible.

To build a small business website using WordPress, you must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of themes. Of course, there are a massive number of themes you can choose. However, it will take a lot of time to check out all of them. So, how to find the right theme for a business website?

In this blog post, we will give you a checklist of 6 ways to find the best WordPress theme for a business website.

6 Ways to Find the Best WordPress theme for a Business Website

WordPress is a widely used platform; almost 30% of all websites are built by it. It is easy because of themes and plugins. Every day many new themes are uploaded on WordPress for users, paid and free.

A penalty of themes is available in the WordPress theme section. Choosing the right one for your business website at first glance, it could be a tricky task. However, you can pay 300$ for a freelancer to do this job. But a better and less costly option is to do it on your own. All you have to do is to choose the right WordPress theme. To help with that, we have listed some points that you can note and try selecting the theme with all the mentioned abilities.

Check Responsiveness of a Theme

Check Responsiveness of a Theme

Responsiveness depends on the theme you choose. Many popular themes offer this quality. But, it is better to make sure by checking the demo of the theme. By means, check out how the theme responds when it is viewed by a mobile phone. Mostly, the header or Menu bar of a theme creates issues, which can’t be ignored. So, if the theme is not responsive simply leave it, and look for another one.

Overall, saying, Pursuing a better theme for your business website, this point can’t be ignored.

Double Check the layout of the theme

Double Check the layout of the theme

One of the top tips is to look for the layout setting of the theme. I understand you may not have the proper idea of “how your business website should look?”. This is why, the first thing you have to imagine, in some cases it is better to draw the layouts you want to have on your website. Doing so will make it feel more comfortable and would clear your many points.

Afterward, you can start looking at themes again, and this time you will end up picking up one. Don’t forget the pages, many themes have pre-built attractive sections about us, contact us, so that you can import that and make a few changes like adding text, images, and video, and make sure the page will end up looking like a piece of your website.

Check out the average loading speed of the theme.

wordpress theme load Speed min 2

It is worth adding here that you should always test the loading speed of a theme. Because sometimes, a theme with a lot of features, animations, and images may affect a theme’s loading time. Not to mention, fast loading speed is also one of the pro tips that experts recommend. Thereby, whichever theme you choose, go with a simple one with a fast loading speed.

Read Reviews of the theme

Read Reviews of the WordPress theme

Reading reviews of a theme could give some more accurate suggestions regarding a theme. WordPress.org is one of the sources where you can get the opinions of a lot of users. It also has a rating-based system. Usually, a theme with more than 4-star reviews is considered the best WordPress theme.

Check the Customizability of the theme.

Premium WordPress theme

While everything is okay in theme, then you should look over its main feature which is customizability. Many WordPress themes do not let a user personalize the theme according to needs. Although, with the knowledge of CSS, it can be done. However, not everyone can use CSS. It is better to choose a theme that allows you to change everything every inch of it.

Always Buy a paid theme for your business website.

Always Buy a paid theme for your business website.

Most popular themes have both free and paid versions, such as ocean wp, Generate Press, Astra, etc.… In the free version of a theme, you are restricted to use all of their features and add-ons, so you will not see the real enticement of that theme until you buy a pro version. The paid version of a theme lets you make changes freely; whichever part of the theme you want to change you would easily do.

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