How to Forward Message in Whatsapp Without Showing Forwarded Icon

People love forwarding messages on Whatsapp but they sometimes want to pretend that the message was originally from them and not forwarded as received. If you have ever forwarded a message then you know that every time you forward an image, video, link or text, it adds a forwarded sign with the message.

In today’s post, I’ll show you a trick to remove the forwarded icon from all the messages that you forward. We will not install any extra application here. Basically the trick is, we will use share option instead of forward option.

Share option is similar to forward option and lets you share media files and links with you friends over Whatsapp. This option is available for Images, videos and links.

Steps to Forward a Message in Whatsapp Without Showing Forwarded icon

Tip to forward a message without forwarded icon.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Click the file and select the bottom-left icon

select file and icon to share

Click on the media file( image, video or a url), you will notice a group of icons appear at the bottom. Select the icon at the bottom-left corner

Select Share from the popup menu

select share from menu

Selecting an icon from bottom-left will show a menu with 4 options. Select Share option from the popup menu

Select the contact to send the message

select contact to forward the file

Once you select share from the menu, you can see contacts from your WhatsApp. You can swipe right to see more contacts or you can select Whatsapp from the menu to send someone not visible in the list.

Click send to send the message

forward the message without forwarded icon

You can type a message with the file and click send to forward the message without forwarded icon.

Share option is only available for messages with image, video or link. The above method will not work with text messages. But you can always copy the text message and share it with your friends without using forward option.