How to fix Disney Plus VPN not working

We all have become impatient when things are not working for us. I want to watch a series on Disney Plus and I figured out VPN is not working. And, the inner technician in me is awakened to start finding ways to fix it. I start off with the basics, by restarting my device in which Disney Plus is installed. I think all of us do the same thing for any app which is not working. The immediate action of troubleshooting.

Fix Disney Plus

Possible reasons why Disney Plus VPN not working

What could be the issue? Possible reasons that I can think of:

  • Website or app crash
  • Internet bandwidth issue
  • Wi-fi Router issue

First level steps to check the issue

Try out the steps below:

  1. Try to switch off and start the device. If that doesn’t work,
  2. Position the Wi-Fi router to check the connectivity and direction.
  3. Restart Wi-Fi router.
reset wi-fi
  1. Connect the Disney Plus device with the LAN cable inserting into the Wi-Fi router.
run internet directly from LAN
  1. Check the version of the Disney Plus app. Update the version if a new one is available.
  2. Remove local storage (cache) from the Disney Plus app and reinstall the app.

If this does not work and the VPN as a service is working but cannot establish a connection to the Disney Plus app, then try out the following resolutions.

Resolution 1

In the Disney Plus app, the error is shown as “Unable to connect”. This can be due to heavy traffic on the server. People are hitting the requests on the streaming servers during pick hours at the same time. This shows the capacity of server size is over and the users get the above error. This error usually gets resolved by itself once the traffic gets reduced. 

The following steps can be performed to try resolving this error:

  1. Internet connection can be refreshed.
  2. Log out and log back in to your Disney Plus account.
  3. Close the application and restart it again.

Resolution 2

The Disney Plus application might give an error if the user is trying to access it from a country that is not supported by a VPN service. The error below may occur in such a situation.

Try VPN service for different country

India, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the USA are the countries where Disney Plus provides location restricted services. The VPN connectivity may not be established if you are trying to connect from UAE. 

In this case, resolution can be the following:

  1. Try to use the VPN service for the country you are trying to access.
  2. Change the region and IP Address of the location you are trying to access.
  3. Try connecting to Disney Plus VPN. Should work.


ExpressVPN is a service that provides fast speed connection to experience streaming services and may unblock Disney Plus to access the geographical locations you are trying to access.

Disney Plus plans to avail of VPN services in Europe and Asia in 2021. Once reliable VPN services are introduced for these geographies, users will be able to seamlessly use Disney Plus without location restrictions.