How to Go Third Person in GMOD?

Garry’s Mod is also called GMOD which is free and is used in games such as Counter-Strike. The game-mod is a sandbox that allows the gamer to create tools using the assets available in other games. Using the GMOD in a single-player game is safer. The gamer can use GMOD to build the object and character and come out with the innovation.

How to Go Third Person in GMOD

How to go third person in GMOD

  1. Open GMOD.
  2. Press the ESC key and you shall see the list of options on the left.
open gmod and press escape
  1. Pick Options. The pop up shall be shown.
press q to show menu in garrys's mod
  1. Click Advanced. The pop up with 2 options shall be shown.
click advanced to see keyboard advanced
  1. Enable developer console should be ticked. If not, please tick it.
  2. Click Resume Game and then press the ESC key to open the console.
resume game and press escape in Gmod
  1. Type the command, sv_cheats 1 on the console window. Press Submit.
sv_cheats 1 on the console window
  1. You shall see the command as shown.
command prompt shows up
  1. Then, enter the command, third person and press Submit.
gmod third person shows up
  1. You shall see the third person on the screen.
Go Third Person in GMOD
  1.  This is how you go to the third person in GMOD.

Additional Information

To use these commands, the user must have power. If the gaming servers ( public) haven’t set ALLOW permission for sv_cheats, the third person may not be enabled using the above methods. In single-player mode, this is not an issue.

GMOD Commands

sv_cheats 1Activates cheats on the public server.
sv_unlag 0Lag compensation is disabled.
sv_passwordHelps set up the password of the server.
buddhaHelps the player survive in health reaching 1
noclipTo fly around on the map
third personThe Third Person camera gets activated. 
first personThe First Person camera gets activated. Usually, it comes back to normal mode from the third person mode
ent_create weapon_crossbowA Crossbow is created on the map.
ent_create weapon_pistolA Pistol is created on the map.
ent_create weapon_shotgunA Shotgun is created on the map.
ent_create weapon_357A 357 weapon is created on the map.
ent_create weapon_physcannonA Gravity Gun on the map.