How to Add Music to Google Pixel

Smartphone users keep switching their mobile device often. The most important activity when a user buying a new smartphone is to transfer data. Contacts, photos, WhatsApp chat and music. All these are daily needs of the user and it needs to be handy for the user. 

Moving your stuff from an Android device to another Android device is easy, but switching from iPhone to any Android device is a little complex process. File formats are different in case of iPhone and Android devices.

But there are tools available with which the transfer of photos, contacts, music has become easy.

How to add Music to Google Pixel mobile device in different scenarios is today’s topic with multiple scenarios.

Music is stored in PC and to be added to Google Pixel

Using USB cable with the Pixel’s mobile software, this process becomes easy.

  1. Get Syncios Mobile Manager on your PC by downloading it from the Internet.
  2. Connect the USB cable to your PC and another end to your Google Pixel phone.
  3. Pick the connection mode as Transfer File or MTP.
  4. On the mobile device, a prompt shall appear asking you to enable USB debugging mode. 
  5. Unlock the device with your unlocking pattern.
  6. Switch on the USB debugging mode. 
  7. Respond to all the pop ups that appear on the phone. 
  8. You shall see the phone connected in the Syncios Mobile Manager user interface.
  9. To import music to your phone, choose Music from the left, click Add. 
open Syncios Mobile Manager and import audio file
  1. Choose the music files to add. If the entire folder to be added, then pick the folder. Make sure not to disconnect while doing this step.
  2.  Once the process is complete, the music files are transferred successfully to the Google Pixel device.

iTunes Music transfer to Google Pixel

  1. Open the Pixel’s mobile software in Macbook.
  2. Establish connection between Macbook and Device using the USB wire.
  3. Pick the Restore → iTunes Library option.
  4. A window will be shown up asking you to view the list of songs.
  5. Tick the boxes prior to the music files. 
  6. Click OK. The music will be retrieved in Google Pixel device.

Connecting two devices to PC and transferring Music

  1. Open the Syncios Mobile Manager on the PC.
  2. Connect the source device to PC and the Google Pixel phone also to PC via USB cable.
  3. The connection mode as Transfer is displayed.
Connect google pixel to Syncios Mobile Manager and transfer music
  1. Check the source device is on the left and Google Pixel is on the right.
  2. Choose Next. You shall see the data to be transferred to the screen.
transfer the audio file to google pixel
  1. Untick the Select All option on the top right. 
  2. Choose Audio and Video under the Select data to transfer section.
  3. Choose Next.
  4. Once transferred, you shall see the music files to the Google Pixel device.


Mobile data transfer tool makes it easy to manage the smartphone device data and enables a smooth process for transferring the data. It helps transferring not only music, but also contacts, audios, videos, photos and documents if any. All at once with a single data transfer tool. All it requires is a USB cable, a tool and PC or the source device from which the data needs to be imported to the Google Pixel Device.

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