How to Reverse a Youtube Playlist

I am a regular Youtube watcher. Aren’t you? Youtube has become an indispensable part of our lives. We have content to explore, knowledge to obtain, and learn things we never had a chance. Youtube has made all of these possible by opening a platform for YouTubers to share content in the form of videos. 

How to Reverse a Youtube Playlist

Is it possible to reverse the Youtube playlist?

Youtubers publish videos and manage their playlists based on the content they have created. There are times when watchers want to build a timeline of the content to get to the details. Ordering a Youtube playlist in reverse order is something in demand. There is no direct way on the Youtube channel to reverse the order of the playlist. But, you can do the same using the feature available on Youtube or using third-party tools to do the same. Chrome provides an extension to reverse the playlist. 

Method 1: How to Reverse Youtube Playlists?

Use the following method for the Youtube web version on your PC/Laptop.

  1. Open your Youtube account.
  2. Locate the channel to be used.
Open youtube channel
  1. Click the Playlists tab.
select playlist from the youtube channel
  1. On the right side of the Created playlists section, there is a SORT BY option. Click that.
select sort by from upper-right corner
  1. The sorting can happen by Date added.
  2. The Last video added option can get you to reverse the playlist. But, it completely depends on the date of video published, updated, uploaded and so on.

Method 2 : How to Reverse Youtube Playlist with extension?

  1. Go to the Chrome Web store.
  2. Search for Youtube reverse playlist extension.
open google store in browser
  1. Click the extension. 
Search for reverse youtube playlist
  1. Click Add to Chrome. 
  2. Once added, up-arrow and down-arrow keys will be shown next to the playlist.
use up/down arrow to sort the playlist
  1. Here you go! Reverse your playlist.


Content that is published on the Youtube platform is not with any pattern. A video of 1980 can be published today and 2021 could have been published last month. There is no pattern where reversing the Youtube playlist can be performed. It can be achieved using third-party tools.