How to Unjoin Objects in Blender?

Blender, is a 3D artwork software that is getting popular for creating the best content using graphics. The tool is very effective and rich in terms of features and usability. All graphic designers who use Adobe products for creating vector artworks, editing artworks, and illustrations must explore this tool to enhance their learning curve and get the best 3D graphics from this.

Unjoin Objects in Blender

Here are the steps of how to unjoin 3D objects in Blender.

Step 1

  1. Open Blender and insert one object. Use the menu Add → Match → Cube.
Open Blender

Step 2

  1. You shall see the cube object on the lane.
Cube object

Step 3

  1. Press SHIFT + 8 to pop up the Add menu. Say Match → Cube. The object is added at the same place. You can move this new object with the mouse cursor.
Match object

Step 4

  1. As of now, the Object Mode is running. Change the mode to Edit mode. From the top left drop-down where the Object Mode list item is shown, click to open the list. 
edit mode

Step 5

  1. Pick the Edit Mode from the list. Now pressing SHIFT + 8 shall show only the Match menu. Pick the Cube item and it will add another cube on the object. You shall see the object added with the badge color.
match menu

Step 6

  1. The 3D cursor is shown on the newly added cube. Move the object with the cursor. 
3d cursor

Step 7

  1. Press Tab to go to the Object Mode and you shall see 2 objects are selected together (border highlighted with orange color) which are already joined.
highlighted border

Step 8

  1. Similarly, add 2 more objects and select them all. From the Object menu on the top, pick Join. (or Press CTRL + J)

See all of them joined.


Step 9

  1. Move to the Edit Mode and you shall see the below.
edit mode

Step 10

  1. Press ALT + A to deselect the objects. Press L to select one each. Choose the object you wish to unjoin by pressing L.
select object

Step 11

  1. Pick the Match menu from the top. Pick Separate → Selection.
pick seperate

Step 12

  1. There are other options for separating objects such as By Loose Parts or By Material. 
separate material

This is how the objects can be separated or unjoined using Blender.