How to Change Twitch Chat Color?

On Twitch, the chat preferences are available. The gamer can set the username color as desired. Many times, the color change is needed based on the background color set for the chat. 

How To Change Twitch Chat Color

There are 2 ways to change Twitch Chat color.

Way 1 – Using Non-Mod Settings

  1. Open the Twitch Account using your credentials.
  2. On the right side, a chat panel is displayed.
  3. At the bottom right corner below the chat console, a settings icon is available.
  4. Click Settings, you shall see an option “Switch to Non-Mod Settings”. Click that.
non-mod settings
  1. You shall see the username below the IDENTITY title.
identity title chat settings
  1. Tap Edit. You shall see the below color options.
Twitch color options
  1. If you like none of them, click more colors. The below screen is shown.
Twitch color settings
  1. Pick the color from the palette that is shown or enter the code in hex value. 
  2. Once done, the Confirm Color button is enabled. Click it.
  3. The color chosen is applied to the chat. 
  4. Once you start chatting, the applied color is shown up.

Way 2 – Using Twitch Chat Command

This method will work by typing in the chat console and at runtime, the streamer wants to change the color. Here is how it is done.

  1. In the chat console, type the keyword /color
  2. Then, put a SPACE and enter the color name using square brackets. For example, [blue].
twitch command to change color in chat
  1. You shall see the color changed. In case you want to change color with hex value, put /color #000000. The chat color turns to black.

Hex Values and Colors

The table below provides some interesting colors and their hex values.

CodeColor NameSample
#800000MaroonToVxn6c6A StACIqkWuYeIv1XVH2YKL8TobdWgsdgZxzCnMhx6V mQMgYLS7V96lQMEkA1F5uBWvP0Dil8Zj2gZ2ZZfb9 wKTW2Gu7cYbbjD8CkBjh156QMyk0AR jWcE1m2CaE
#FF0000RedlOLL5jHRK3i0aCRxAEKIwL5P22DfxvSk4XhmDKrrDwaUGUzK4RiVqcfUkOPr XVp EaVykFh w1CFeoT655ZsSsE7vWN YXR0mC70ZBKJrOSk2vUCce76MLPUwbSSsLOkEt c2Y
#00FFFFAquax vcAF8eJr8buuUfUQNYpPre7UVoV5ONizWZkLpbDPs lZHusBcvyXIBfRCg0m9 1pGtJTmSUsMRC
#FFFF00Yellow0XdQdiXvHr5nov hBcE5yWaOeLdNB1OXLYLfXB8uAvkpgL74obBIs qCOUTSlCFtASc
#008000GreenDKM953rT 3cW4
#808000OliveXlBhDkWxwVmp6cRu uNFEnOpoSBpRVSx ngHm6OA mQHZw84Gyj57A BdP3WHdo6IvscMJgvG6pNEWUYKPb3Mnq27WVt30WEPMZyx45BaESRmZF9PFc4I952C S60mHsRYRJWV0
#00FF00LimeoF9lCv8WHfJut39tJALCBoEhCH23NZ66fTy10x7c2Dz9JK3Rm6lf57Wu8Ht8fGZQh5I GuK1eGYWx A0rt4XbieAdiSjobJSrovrUmKBtDVlwf7nTUYwAB9UxbAbBo z5HEL3SM


Twitch Turbo gives more color options and lets the streamer do more customization. It comes with monthly fees and subscriptions. If you are more possessive about the look and feel of streamers’ chat, explore more options along with chat color change.