How to Fly a Plane in GTA 5?

There are different ways to fly a plane in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) for different devices like PC, PS 2, 3, Xbox, etc. Here we try to cover all of them. Stay tuned and keep reading.

How to Fly a Plane in GTA 5

How to fly a plane of GTA 5 On PC?

NOTE: In the settings, the configuration keys for the actions have been modified, then the below actions/key controls explained may not work. Default action keys are given in these steps.

  1. Get into the plane. Boarding the plane is what we are talking about.
Sit on Plane
  1. Once the flyer gets in, the frontier fan starts spinning.
Start plane
  1. Press W to move forward. 
  2. The plane starts moving on the runway.
move upwards
  1. Take off the plane: press digit 5 (on keyboard) to move it upwards. 
  1. Once it is up in the air, press G.
Plane in Air
  1. The flyer shall see the wheels panel gets inside.
  1. The flyer shall see the wheels panel (landing gears) get inside. The plane is straight in the air.
  2. Press 4 and hold W to keep in the air moving ahead.
  3. Press 8 to get the plane downwards.
  1. Press 5 to move upwards, 4 to move to the left, and 6 to turn to the right. Again 8 to move downwards.
  2. To land on the runway again: 
    • Press G to unfold the landing gears.
Unfold legs
  • Hold W and press 8 to move downwards.
Move downwards

How to fly a helicopter of GTA 5 On a PC?

To fly a helicopter in GTA 5 follow the below five steps.

  1. Press W to rise it above the runway.
  2. To go down, press S.
  3. To move in the air upwards, use a 5 key.
  4. Push 8 to move downwards.
  5. To turn, use the A and the D keys.

How to Fly a plane of GTA 5 on Xbox One?

  1. Get inside the plane or board the plane by pressing/using Y on the controller.
  2. To start taking off the plane, press the finger and hold the Right Trigger (RT) button located at the top of the controller.
  3. Post it moving straight on the runway, and hold the Left Trigger (LT) button on the controller to move upwards.
  4. To control the movement when the plane is in the air – use the left analog stick. To move up, right, left, down – this is what you have to use.
  5. To change the direction when in the air – use/press the Left Bumper (LB) to take the direction left side and use/press the Right Bumper (RB) to take the direction right side.
  6. To shoot guns and missiles from the plane when in the air – Pressing the A button shall fire the missiles.
  7. Land on the runway back
    • Slow down by using/pressing the Left Trigger (LT) button
    • Use the left analog stick to land the plane.

NOTE: The controls may apply to Xbox 360 and Xbox models.

How to fly a plane in Grand Theft Auto 5 in PS2, 3, & 4?

  1. Get inside the plane using the triangular button on the controller.
  2. Pressing and Holding the R2 button will get you to start.
  3. Keep holding the R2 buttons till you are comfortable moving upwards.
  4. Once the flyer is in the air, use the left analog stick to move left, right, up, or downwards.
  5. Change the direction using/pressing the L1 button to move in the left direction. Use/press the R1 button to move in the right direction.
  6. Use the X button to fire the missiles. 
  7. To land back on the runway, use the L2 button to slow down and then, a left analog stick to land on the runway.

NOTE: PlayStation controllers are the same in 2,3 and 4 models.

GTA 5 – Controllers on PS and Xbox

ActionPS CodeXbox Code
Take Parachute← , →, L1, L2, R1, R2,R2,←, ←, →, L1← , →, LB, LT, RB, RT,RT,←, ←, →, LB
Flaming BulletsL1, R1, Square, R1, ← , R2, R1, ← , Square, →, L1, L1LB, RB, X, ← , RT, RB, ← , X, →, LB, LB
Change WeatherR2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, SquareRT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X
Slow Motion AimSquare, L2, R1, Triangle, ←, Square, L2, →, XY, ← , →, →, X, RT, RB
Fast RunTriangle, ← , →,  →, L2, L1, SquareY, ← , →, →, LT, LB, X

NOTE: The below table lists the actions and controllers for PS and Xbox they are controllers, not passcode of GTA 5.


Once the player gets the hang of it, flying a plane/helicopter is as easy as driving a car. Sometimes, it’s easier than driving a car too. In case if you need help, then you can help from GTA 5 community.

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