How to Download and Install Fortnite on Windows PC

Epic Games created a concept of the last-player standing game that emerged from the Japanese novel and film Battle Royal. Fortnite on Windows has made its existence felt in the world of gaming as it is the most downloaded and played online multiplayer shooter game. 

Install Fortnite

Since its release on iPhone devices in 2017, Fortnite has won multiple Best Ongoing Game awards in 2018 and has now been released on other platforms such as iOS and PCs (MAC, Windows). 

Among gamers from other modes, the Fortnite main mode, such as Battle Royal, is the most popular in the title. Just one approved way to Download Fortnite on Windows is from the Epic Games store. All you have to do is 

(i) build an account for Epic Games

(ii) download the client for Epic Games Store

(iii) install Fortnite on PC.

install Fortnite on PC

If you are keen to play then install Fortnite on PC, then you are in the right place because this article will direct you on how to Download Fortnite and install Fortnite on PC, as Epic Games now offers its own gaming platform from where you have to log in to play Fortnite from the Epic Games account. 

Fortnite is better because it already supports common operating systems. Yeah, the game is absolutely a cross-platform so that you can switch with a different operating system from one console to the other. Therefore we don’t need emulators or workarounds to do that.

There are some of the criteria you should retain before you Download Fortnite on a Windows PC. Before you start with the step-wise guide to Download Fortnite on Windows and install Fortnite on PC, check these requirements below.

  • Your PC should have a free space of at least 20 GB on a hard disc.
  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM should be installed on your PC.
  • The minimum Intel HD 4000 GPU for your PC.
  • A minimum Core i3 2.4GHz processor should be available for your PC.
  • Windows 7,8 or 10

The gaming would have an even better outcome and performance if you have even better hardware on your PC. That also means more sweet graphics and a better answer performance.

Note that Fortnite, unlike other Battle Royale games you know, can only run on Windows 64-bit models. 

Thus, if your device is running the 32-bit version, you need to reformat the 64-bit architecture of your computer. The hardest thing is when the 32-bit processor is used, so it cannot be updated by using the 64-bit version of Windows

You’ll need to buy a brand-new Windows computer instead. A superb optical mouse can also help. Ever since then, this is a minimum device prerequisite, if you run just Fortnite with no other demanding applications in the context, this will be maximized. 

Since the Fortnite is a fun game but far from being flawless. Epic Games could add more to the game on that note, including additional modes and other aspects such as free training and competitive roaming mode.

Steps To Install Fortnite on PC

1. Open Epic Games’ Official Website

  • Open Google Search in your browser.
  • Check in the search bar for “Epic Games Fortnite”
  • Pick the First Link that appears in the list.

2. Sign Up to Download the Epic launcher Games.

  • You will be routed to the official Epic Games website after clicking the link.
  • Press the “Play Free Now” button on the Get Fortnite tab.
  • When you click on the button, the pop-up screen will show you how you want to play.
  • Now press the PC / MAC button on the options button.
  • After you are redirected to the Signup page, you have two options. 
  • You can click on the Sign button below if you already have an Amazing Games Account. 

If you do not have an Amazing Games account, you can either log in from any of the social media accounts listed, or you can type in the credential in the fields listed, and make sure that I read and consent to the terms of the services check box, then click the Build ACCOUNT button.

  • You will be signed up to the Epic Games website after successful sign-up. 
  • The Epic Game Installer file will be ready after login.
  • If you use the Chrome browser before you update the installer, you get a pop-up alert message.
  • Just click on the Keep tab to launch the installer file.

3. Run the Epic Games Launcher

After the installation is completed, you can either click to open the Fortnite Installer tab or select the update folder where the installer file has been downloaded.

Press the ‘Yes’ button to allow Windows to rely on the installer and launcher for each installation process message for User Account Access.

  • You can also see that the Epic Games Launcher dialogue box exists. It is recommended to exit the destination as the default in the destination folder process, but then you can press Change if you want to change the folder directory. 
  • Press the install button to proceed.
  • Wait until the setup loads the Epic Games Launcher after pressing the Install button. When the installation is completed, the Setup will be closed automatically.
  • After the Setup is closed, the Epic Games Launcher will open before the launcher is modified.
  • If the Epic Games Launcher has been blocked by Windows Defender Firewall, you can encounter the Security Warning dialogue. Just press the Allow Access button as highlighted.
Security Warning dialogue

4. Sign in to install Fortnite on a PC

From the Epic Games Launcher, type in the Email and Password of your Epic Games account, and then press the Sign In button as highlighted.

5. Install Fortnite on PC from Launcher

From the Launcher, press the Free icon on the Fortnite icon in the store.

  • After clicking the Free button, the end-user license agreement dialogue box will appear. Check the “I read and agree with the End User License Agreement” checkbox and press the Approve button.
  • When you comply with the End User License, the dialogue box will disappear and you will be allowed to click the INSTALL button and click the button to continue.
  • After pressing the Install button, the Choose Install Location dialogue will pop up. Leave each option as default and press the Install button.
  • The installer will start loading Fortnite on your Windows PC and will Download Fortnite on Windows.
  • At the start of the installation process, the launcher will pop up a window asking you to connect to your social network to find friends at Epic Sports, just push the X button to close the window if you are not involved.
  • From the Launcher, you can control your installation process or stop installing Fortnite by clicking on the DOWNLOADS option in the Launcher Navigation menu.

This process can take some time to complete the installation, depending on the connectivity and PC speed.

After you Download Fortnite on Windows, the first thing you want to do before you enter the game is to change all the settings. You can change the sensitivity of the mouse, increase its graphic quality, and even change key bindings. 

Navigate to the Settings section from the main menu, and work your way through all submenus. When everything has been modified to your taste, move back to the main menu where you will be able to select your game mode and jump into the action.

Fortnite Features 

  • Bring 100 online players to one island and kill them until one is left. Use any type of gun, ammunition, and other resources that are found in the game.
  • Build mechanisms to create a plan or strategy or to create stronger protection.
  • Buy accessories and other products inside the game.
  • Includes maps for the best experience gameplay.
  • Graphic quality appealing that makes the game perfect for younger audiences and players.
  • Supports co-op or teamwork (duos or squads) so that with your mates you can conquer the island.
  • It supports queuing when you’re killed in a game immediately. Which saves more time and takes less time to get you back into the game.
  • Multiple devices will play the game, making it a platform title.
  • Fortnite is not a Play-2-Win style of gaming. You cannot purchase a way to succeed. You play at your current level of skill, leaving it to your own way of winning the game.
  • In order to win, Epic Games enable fair play. Cheaters that have been detected or reported will then be removed for good. That means your account is now deleted and you need to start from scratch again.
  • To install Fortnite on PC and play that epic game is the greatest thing for gaming freaks. 

A minimum of Core i5 2.8 GHz processor is a must to download Fortnite and for a smooth running of Fortnite on windows. There must be at least 8 GB RAM and 16 GB of memory space in the HDD to support the high-level processing in the game. To install Fortnite on a PC, it must also have a graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 660, or even an AMD Radeon HD 7870.