How to Loop a Song on Spotify?

Hello, Spotify users! Music is the love of life. Spotify is an amazing app with a Web and App interface that the users can stick to forever. All types of songs, podcasts, and whatnots! All in one platform – Spotify. 

Loop a Song on spotify

The user can create playlists based on their moods. Spotify Homepage gives the user a filtered list of songs category and you can choose albums to listen to. The user interface is similar to Apple’s iTunes. The collection of music libraries and the user interface are two main factors that attract users to use Spotify.

In Spotify, how to repeat a song is something we are going to learn about. Here, you go!

How to Loop a Song on Spotify on Web Browser

  1. Go to
  2. Login to the account you are signed up with. The homepage shall be shown as below.
  1. From the left pane, choose the playlist. You shall see the playlist page with a list of songs available.
Spotify Playlist
  1. Double-click on the song to start playing. The pane of the player is shown at the bottom (highlighted in the blue border).
Select Song
  1. See the first icon from the right as highlighted in the yellow border.
Click on Button
  1. Hover over to see the tooltip that shows Enable Repeat.
Enable Request
  1. To loop the song, click that icon 2 times. The icon turns green. And the count on that will be shown with 1.
Spotify Icons
  1. The song which is being played will be looped in the playlist.
  2. Simple click and you can repeat the song.

To Loop a Song on Spotify App

  1. Open the Shopify app.
  2. Pick the song you want to loop indefinitely.
Spotify App
  1. Click the song which is highlighted in red. The below screen shall be shown.
Song on Spotify
  1. Tap the icon with a 2-arrows icon looping each other. It turns green with a dot below.
  2. Tap the same icon again. Digit 1 is shown on the icon.
  3. Now, this song shall be played over and over again till you stop playing it by tapping the stop icon on it.

Last, but not the least

Spotify is the most popular and people’s favorite music app. It takes care of your mood by offering relevant music to you. All at one platform. Spotify is people’s choice music app. 

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