How to Play Large Games Smoothly in Android

Since it is the 21st century everybody wants to play HD games but in this scenario, nobody wants to buy PCs as per the rising prices of laptops rather the users would prefer android devices more and also can play good quality consoles within their budgets. Today, when Smartphones are advanced enough that everything can be done from them. What e-mails, HD movies, HD games, etc. everything is very simple with Smartphones. So, why can’t we play games on Smartphones easily? Not only small games but also large games which contain more storage.

Nowadays, everyone is willing to buy Smartphones within their budget. It is not a big deal that before buying Android’s they will think about the features like storage of the Smartphones. Some large games need a minimum RAM of 3 GB. Some people face a problem with the shortage in the storage of Smartphones. With this, they are unable to play games in their androids, and with this mindset, the users who were planning to buy Smartphones drop their ideas to buy them.

Gaming Industries are growing rapidly nowadays. Most of the users prefer playing games using their smartphones. With this advancement and the necessities of the people, gamers are ready to take challenges with good graphics that can support android versions easily. All the problems start when the budget of a person is asked. High standard and expensive smartphones are not affordable to the middle class or low-income people.

In the upcoming discussion, we will be talking about how users can make android’s most perfect by performing devices for gaming. Here is the list by which a user can know how he/she can play games on Android’s very smoothly:

Increasing performance of Android Phone

Below are some tweaks by which optimizing performance of an android can enhance:

  1. Close all background applications: Once a user opens an application and after using the application he/she may forget to close that application properly. With these results, Games get affected. As a result, in between the games, many hurdles are faced by the user. So, very first thing is to close all the applications running in the background.
  1. Disable useless applications: Many smartphone users preload their android’s from various applications. These applications not only harm your phone but makes your device’s internal storage always full. As a result, Mobile Phones get hang during playing games and also while working or searching for even small things on the smartphone.
  1. Clear cache: Everyone loves to check the applications daily. But, after uninstallation also they might leave some caches in the memories of Android’s. Besides, this it does not take a lot of space, but still they degrade the performance of users device.
  1. Up-gradation of SD cards: Today everyone prefers using SD cards for big storage in their android’s. There is no harm in using SD cards but if you work on a daily basis and using the SD cards of class 5 or 6 then it will be fine but for gaming and recording videos on 1080p you need to upgrade your SD card to class 10. Else, there is a possibility of facing many issues. This will give to a good speed and improve loading time.
  1. Scanning of Virus: Mostly, there is less need for Anti-viruses to be Installed over android as compared to PC’s but an application should be installed always to scan viruses in Androids. Viruses led your smartphone’s work slow. A Daily optimization should be there.

Increasing RAM

Now, here comes a new challenge when we talk about RAM. RAM is Random Access Memory which is a form of computer memory usually stores the working data, machine codes, etc.

When the question arises that anything that can increase RAM or ROM? With the question two possibilities arises:

  1. Yes
  2. No

If the question is answered then it is not possible to increase RAM physically but logically yes we, can do it. By using the virtual memory and giving partition to the SD card one can easily do it.

Improving the performance of the game using tools

Below given are some tools that can be used to improve performance of the game on an Android device:

  1. GL Tool: This tool is also known as the OpenGL driver. This is a tool that can be modified. With the help of this tool, it can change the size, texture, and also MSA. With Graphics Processing Unit it is very much compatible. This tool will help you to play games easily smoothly without any hurdle in between.
  1. Chain fire 3D: This tool is having the same features as the GL tool. This Chain fire 3D has one drawback that it is completely compatible with the Android version 2.3.6.
  1. Seeder: This seeder is used for the Android’s those causes lags. This will fix all the lags available in Android and will also help in rebuilding the entropy data. The data gets parched with the times. This seeder will help your Smartphone to increase its performance.
  1. Freezing of background games: With the help of the Task manager the performance of the games can get better but if there is no root access on android’s then it will be in vain. So, root access is a must for the Task Manager.
  1. Developer option: A developer option is one of the best things that you can find on your Smartphones only. Just you have to act that option. Then you can see all your hidden things on your device. With this, your device will start performing well. It will also boost up its Graphics, stability, battery life, and many more.
  1. Game Launcher: Especially, if you are having a Samsung smartphone by default game Launcher comes within it. It is a very useful and effective tool for the users if they really want to focus on the game as their experience of entertainment.

Game booster: This application will show all the list of the games which are in main menu and also shows  you the temperature of your Android device. With the help of this application you can boost any application by just clicking and then can enjoy your games. This will help you to optimise CPU, RAM, also clearing trash and will increase FPS. 

  1. Systrace: This application is of very low level. This application captures the output directly from kernel. This application will give you low overhead on your Android.
  1. Loading game: This application immediately correspond you if you will face some interaction during your game. This will measure the performance off the device and we’ll automatically analyse the issue.
  2. Loading speed: Players while playing the game open think about disability of quick action.
  1. Power consumption: if your game framerate deteriorates in 40 to 50 minutes then it is a possibility the device might begin to heat up and has started consuming more battery.
  1. Multithreading: It is a multidimensional platform. It is natural for this program to place all the activities of the game in a single thread. This method of execution can get implement in many gaming engines. It is far from optimal when the device is running and this will result in slow loading and lack of consistency.

Rooted Applications

These applications are used by heavy Android users who want to gain more internal working storage of Android. 

  1. Kongo Rooter: It is an application which help you to root your smartphone by connecting them with laptops. 
  1. Overclock: By overclocking androids it allows the CPU to increase capability and became more powerful.
  1. RAM Expander: It creates a “swap” file and acts as a secondary RAM. This “swap” file is stored in Internal of your android which gives you a heavy performance boost. 
  1. Greenify: Basically, it is an application that puts your all applications to hibernation mode. This hibernation mode will automatically help you to close all the applications which are unnecessarily opened. This will at as a RAM booster. It also works as a non-rooted user having the same functionality and also provides you high a performance booster.

“RAM boosters are not worth after installing.” Many people have seemed mindsets but it is not true but rather using the RAM application you can just restart your device once. If any unnecessary application was working in your device by restarting it will stop working. It will also so helps you in saving your android’s internal storage.

The displays of modern Androids contain more pixels i.e., 5 or even 10 pixels. It is the best way to reduce the resolution in one dimension only. Should reduce the size of assets so that the uncompressed versions can handle the APK of games.

Players enjoy their games when it has short loading time. Android users, gamers, or else wish to have a better experience while playing games. They can take advantage of these options and other tips to improve their device settings.

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