How to turn off Avast VPN

It has been revealed that Avast, the producer of the same-name antivirus software for PCs and mobile devices, has been selling user data to third parties for the past several years.

How to turn off Avast VPN

Data of this sort is purchased by even the most powerful information technology firms, such as Microsoft and Google. A number of technology publications have accused Avast of selling customers’ data.

A recent survey done by Avast found that even the consumers themselves discovered that they were unable to switch off their internet surveillance in the Avast programs.

We recommend using products from safer businesses like PCMatic, McAfee, TotalAV, Norton, or Bullguard, in lieu of Avast products.

An application may be blocked from the installation of antivirus software that doesn’t allow the installation of that particular type of application.

Or your antivirus program may block access to websites you like, but only on rare occasions. You will have two options-  uninstalling the antivirus and exposing yourself to various assaults, or shutting down the software for a short period of time.

You will have the option of disabling the full Avast antivirus or just the shields you wish to disable using one of the Avast packages. Follow the step-by-step instructions in our easy-to-follow guide, and you will move through each operation as quickly as possible.

How can I completely turn off Avast (by disabling all of its shields)?

If you opt to disable Avast, you should be aware that you will be disabling all antivirus protection on your computer. To accomplish this, follow the procedures outlined below.

Step 1 – First, acquire as much information as possible. The Avast application is highlighted in orange on the Windows taskbar and can be dragged down.

From the context menu, choose “Avast shields control” by right-clicking on it. To deactivate for 10 minutes, use the DEACTIVATE button, and to permanently stop the computer, use the PERMANENTLY DISABLE button.

image 68

Step 2- To continue, press ‘Yes’ when Avast asks whether you want to confirm your choices. Disabling the whole antivirus solution and all of its defenses for the time period you select would best ensure protection.

Step 3- Determining whether or not your antivirus has been deactivated can be done simply by accessing the primary window of the antivirus.

If the box is red and reads “All antivirus safeguards are disabled,” it means that everything would have been in order. You will see the notice “You are protected.” when the status returns to normal.

All antivirus shields are off

What is the best way to temporarily disable Avast?

When certain shields have been turned off, you should be able to download the needed application or unblock a certain website with just a few clicks. This is the process you must go through to capitalize on this opportunity. 

Step 1- Start out by going to the “Protection” and “Core Shields” sections in the Avast user interface. Instead, find “Settings” and then “Components” (which may be labeled “Active Protection” if you are running an earlier version).

To see if your Avast shield is active, all Avast shields will be presented to you. To disable the selected settings, click the “Disable” button. You will be given four alternatives. 

Step 2-  Once the file shield is no longer activated, the shield will show “File Shield is now off.”

You will notice that the switch has been changed to “OFF” and that the statement “File Shield is now off” appears consistently if the shield has been switched off successfully.

You will need to keep the button pressed for one second until the light turns green and a message will display that says, “You are protected.” This new virus signature has been programmed to switch off the Avast File Shield.

protection >> cor shields settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Avast VPN  a good choice for torrenting?

Torrenting is permitted on certain of the VPN’s servers within its network. Servers that allow peer-to-peer file sharing are identified on the server selection page in the app, making it simple to choose which server to use to share files.
Several essential features in Avast SecureLine VPN will keep you secure and anonymous while you are torrenting, including an automated kill switch.
The firm, on the other hand, gathers certain connection records, which it maintains for 30 days. These include the quantity of data that is transferred throughout each session. If you are searching for a decent VPN for torrenting anonymously, ExpressVPN is an excellent option to consider.

Is Avast VPN a secure connection?

Using bank-grade encryption and DNS/IPv6 leak prevention, Avast VPN safeguards your online identity and privacy. Additionally, the program has an automated kill switch that is enabled by default.
You may easily enable it from the Network Security settings menu within the app. Using a VPN to protect your identity is one of the most critical things you can do to keep yourself secure on the internet.
You will be able to keep your actual IP address hidden from the websites you visit using your VPN.

Is it true that Avast VPN stores your browsing history?

Because Avast VPN doesn’t retain any logs that may help trace the activities of its users, it cannot identify any of their activities.
Firm marketing itself as holding itself to a promise to never gather any data on what applications, websites, or media users use. A VPN provider must have a no-logging policy in place if you want to protect your privacy.
By using a VPN that maintains an activity log, you may be required to disclose your internet activities to government agencies, law enforcement, and other groups.
In order to disclose any of your personal information, even if you engage in illegal conduct, you must use a VPN that does not maintain logs of your actions.
Trasparenza, in general, is generally favorable. Avast SecureLine VPN takes privacy seriously, guaranteeing that it will not collect any information about your online activity.
When a network connection is established, its logs will record the time and date of the connection as well as the amount of data that was sent. Information is recorded for no more than 30 days.

Price and value for money of Avast VPN

This VPN is less pricey than many of the industry-leading options available, but it is more expensive than average. If you’re searching for a VPN that you may use for a limited period, Avast VPN can be a suitable choice.
The monthly membership fee for the VPN is fair in comparison to the service it provides.
The discounted monthly cost is included in the purchase of a longer membership period. The discounts, on the other hand, are not particularly large. You may find alternative VPN services like ExpressVPN, which provide significant savings on long-term subscriptions if you are searching for a reliable VPN service.


The process of disabling Avast antivirus, whether in its whole or only a few of its defenses, is straightforward. Whether you’re using a consumer-grade antivirus product or an enterprise-grade one, this is true. You may even choose to entirely remove the program from your computer (which is not recommended though).