5 Best Color Inverter Software


Here is a catalog of the finest unrestricted color inverter software for Windows that users can find online. Users can invert the colors of a photograph or a picture with the assistance of this software.

After color inversion, photos have the appearance of an adverse photograph Color inversion is applied as an impact by specific applications, whilst it is applied as a filter by others.

However, the outcome of color inversion is the same across all software programs. Aside from color inversion, many other effects and filters, such as greyscale, sepia, vintage, black and white, and so on, are also widespread in this type of software, such as vignetting and bokeh.


PhotoScape is an unrestricted picture color inverter program for the Windows operating system. Inverting the colors of a solitary picture, as well as numerous photographs at the exact moment, is possible using this program.

It favors a wide range of image layouts, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and RAW, among others, which is constantly a plus. It attains with a built-in file explorer that authorizes users to discover and put in photographs to this software.

It features several tabs and parts, including an observer, an editor, a batch editor, an animated GIF, and a combine section, among others. Only the operator and group editor tabs are required to flip the color of a solitary picture or a collection of pictures.

It is necessary to open a picture in its editor tab and then click on the invert negative effect button, which is located directly below the editor section, to invert the colors. In addition to the adverse effect, sepia, Castlevania, black & white, and greyscale effects are offered.

Image editing functions such as cropping, resizing, brightness, and color, among others, are accessible, as are extra filter menus (film effect, filter, and so on). By heading to the batch editor area of the editor tab, you can pertain the color invert effect to numerous pictures in a similar manner to the editor tab.

image 29


IrfanView is a well-known picture viewer and editor for the Windows operating system. In accumulation to deliver several effects, it also gives one called “negative,” which may be used to invert the colors of an image.

This negative effect incorporates three more inversion color effects, which are designated as the red, green, and blue channels. Red, green, and blue are the color effects that are expansions of invert color effects that display hues of the selected color rather than the accurate invert colors.

All of these color inversion options are accessible through the Image tab. This image tab also has other valuable capabilities such as rotation, flipping, resizing, color depth, greyscale, and effects, among others.

There are a variety of picture layouts that benefited from this software, which is its primary advantage. Additionally, it has the capability of converting picture formats if necessary. The following are some of the image formats that are supported: JPG, JPM, TIF, CDR, GIF, PNG, and so on.

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Picasa is another free color converter program for the Windows operating system. It is essentially an image editing program that also has the ability to invert image colors. It is one of the many effects accessible in this software, and it is called the Invert Color effect.

It also includes a very useful library that continuously monitors practically all pictures that are currently present on the system. This software allows you to add images manually if they are not automatically discovered by the program.

This software accepts images in practically every image format, so you can simply add photographs without worrying about the image format.

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Photopus is a straightforward picture color inverter for the Windows operating system. This app enables you to reverse the colors of many photos at the same time.

This software does not contribute a large number of functions, but it does comprise specific crucial editing tools, effects, and filters that are useful in many situations.

When you apply the negative effect filter to any picture, the color of the picture is inverted. This filter is found in the filter section of the program.

Before you can accomplish the color inversion, you must first go through a few simple procedures. First, by hitting the add photographs option, you can import single or numerous images into this app.

Now select the add filter section from the drop-down menu and press the add filter menu button. There are three submenus in this filter menu as well. Select the negative effect filter from the effect menu, which can be found in the effect menu.

It is then necessary to simply pick the output folder and format, followed by pressing the process button to begin the color inversion procedure. You will receive a folder containing all of the color inverted images created by the program.

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Hornil StylePix

Hornil StylePix is a free and feature-rich picture editing software for Windows that may be downloaded from the internet. Many functions are included, such as filtering, shape tools, merging tools, transform tools (such as flip and rotate tools), and so much more.

Aside from the filter portion, there is only one other section where you can obtain the color inversion. Color, haze, sharpness, distortion, warp, and other filter choices can be found under the Filter section as well.

The color menu can be accessed by assigning Invert from the drop-down menu when a picture is being used to reverse the color of the image. The editing and filtering capabilities are limited to one photograph at a time,

however, once you’ve completed, save the image in one of the available image formats, such as PNG, JPG, GIF, ICO, BMP, and so on.

It includes a plethora of critical features on the primary interface to make picture editing as straightforward as possible. Shape, modify, miniature, spray, enhance, and color, among other tools, are all accessible via the user interface.

This software also offers layers, which allows you to simply combine two photos into a single one or add icons to an image. You may work on many projects at the same time thanks to the multitab interface, which is another useful feature.

In addition to the output picture formats indicated above, it supports a large number of different input image formats.

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