How to Delete Pokemon Save Heartgold?

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are generation 4 version games released by Nintendo. In 2009, the version was released in Japan and in 2010, it was introduced in Europe and North America.

While playing Pokemon, you can get Pokemon and save them over a file. To start the game all over again, the captured Pokemon needs to be erased. Once removed, it cannot be retrieved back. 

How to delete Pokemon Save Heartgold:

  1. Switch on Nintendo DS.
Switch on Nintendo DS
  1. Choose Pokemon HeartGold to start the game.
Select Pokemon HeartGold to start the game.
  1. Open the main menu by choosing “Start”.
  2. Use the keys Up+Select+B at the title screen. The following prompt screen shall appear.
keys Up+Select+B at the title screen
  1. Choose Yes. Pokemon Heartgold which was saved is gone.

The same steps can be followed to remove Pokemon Soulsilver. Make sure once removed, Pokemon cannot be retrieved.

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Pokemon players usually are aware that saved Pokemons are being used while playing the game. If they want to start all over again to play better, they are aware that all captured Pokemon will be deleted.