How to Check Feasibility of Phone for Heavy Games 2021

When you consider playing a game on a Smartphone, there are two distinct categories, either a phone designed specifically for gaming or a normal phone which works well for gaming.

No doubt modern technologies have made many smartphones capable enough to be used for gaming. But before you opt to play a heavy game on your Smartphone, make sure that your phone is capable of heavy gaming.

Check Feasibility of Phone for heavy games

Let’s take a look at five main features that you need on your Smartphone which can handle heavy games very well.

Check for These Things


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 The chipset can be called the heart of the gaming Smartphone as GPU (graphic processing unit) is built into the chip, which has a significant impact on gaming results. That is why the chipset is also referred to as a SOC(System-on-chip).

The clock speed of a phone specifies how fast it operates in regular mode, while the core count shows how many activities it can perform at once without being fatigued.

Now octa-core processors are used which makes a smartphone capable of handling many more functions than before. The SOC which is considered the best and fastest for heavy games is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.


RAM (random access memory) is the most important feature which should be considered when buying a new phone, particularly for gaming purposes, as it holds most of the data while running any program.

Most Smartphones have 4GB RAM which is sufficient for normal usage and playing basic games. Whereas phones having 6GB, 8GB, or 12GB RAM are more feasible for heavy gaming.


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Smartphones carry all the top-notch features but a smaller display might not be suitable for heavy gaming. The display screen is the visual interface where the game appears  ­- the key feature which enables gamers to visualize and track the movements of the objects, the screen size of at least 6.5” is usually preferred to have a sound experience of gaming.

Refresh Rate

 The refresh rate refers to how many times the graphic frames appear as the screen refreshes, the higher the value, the better. This allows you to see the visuals, particularly the video, in a smooth manner.

About the fact that many smartphones have a refresh rate of 60 Hz, elite gamers choose values of 120 Hz, which means the graphics on the screen change 120 times per second. But we suggest 90 Hz for a better experience.

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A powerful battery is a silent feature of a phone which is used to play heavy games. While playing all the above features are working and the battery can be quickly drained.

For an uninterrupted gaming experience over long periods, a phone needs to have a high battery capacity. This isn’t a major issue since most of the new model phones have a powerful battery.

For gaming purposes, any battery with a capacity of 4000 to 6000 mAh will be sufficient.

All the features mentioned above are important to check the feasibility of your phone for heavy gaming.