How to Change Minecraft Tick Speed?

Minecraft is popular among kids, teens, and even adults. The gameplay allows the user to build 3D models using the tools provided in the gameplay. The user-friendly interface allows users to play Minecraft on several platforms such as Pc, Play Station, X-Box, and even Smart Phones.

How to Change Minecraft Tick Speed

Minecraft has proven to build intelligence as users make their way through different rounds. Overall, the interface is easy to use. However, some players are often wanting to change the tick speed in Minecraft – to customize the gaming experience. This can work best for people who want to build things quickly.

What Is Minecraft Tick Speed?

Minecraft tick speed or random tick speed is a feature in Minecraft. It caters to the speed of random things in Minecraft gameplay. Those random things can be plant growth and the speed by which the leaves decay. The tick speed is set to default around “20” in Java and Bedrock Edition.

This article with guide you on the ways you can change the Minecraft tick speed while playing.

Before talking about changing the tick speed. let us quickly go over why you should tweak your tick speed?

Most of you will be wondering about the benefits of changing the tick speed in Minecraft. When you change the tick speed to its maximum value – everything grows at an exceptional rate.

Yes! You won’t have to wait for days to grow your garden in Minecraft. Let’s see how you can change the speed.


Step # 1 Make sure that you are in creative mode while playing Minecraft.

Step # 2 Ensure that you have Opie in your Minecraft server.

Step # 3 Now go ahead and type “game rule random tick speed” and press enter.

Select randomtickspeed from bottom

Step # 4 Check what is your current tick speed?

change randomtickspeed in numerical

Step # 4 Type out the speed you want – for example, 50,100,200.

change randontickspeed to any number greater than previous

TIP: Do not enter high values like 9999 because the game will start lagging!

Now your game will run quicker, and everything will grow in no time!

randomtickspeed is updated now

Does Minecraft Change the Tick Speed on Its Own?

Yes, Minecraft changes the tick speed gradually – as the players pass the rounds and enhance their gameplay. The Minecraft algorithm will change your tick speed. But, for that, you will have to be consistent and better with your gameplay.

What to do after changing tick speed?

Tick speed hack can be useful for gamers who do not want to wait for things to grow in their game. For example, the trees etc. but, some things need to be taken care of when you tweak your tick speed.

  1. Make sure that you do not change the speed to high numbers like 999 as it will make your device lag.
  2. Ensure that your fire is away from anything you have built in the game. As the tick speed also affects the fire speed.
  3. If your device lags – the algorithm will change the tick speed to default so make sure you change it again.

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