7 Best GBA Emulators

Selecting a great emulator for smartphone and Android devices is a very tough task for Android users.

If you are trying to search an emulator for a particular game or ROM, you find you are downloading n number of apps, which is depending on what will, you play. This emulator clubs the Gaming guys, Color emulator, and the Gaming guys upgraded emulator in one package.

best gba emulator

If you’re looking for a painful fight to the nostalgic bones, Pizza Boy is the excellent option to choose. These apps have various built-in themes that allow everyone to create your Smartphone’s appearance and impressive sounds as a portable Gaming guy.


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Citra’s very new emulator is launching on Android. Citra, which is mainly known for the PC version, is a Nintendo 3DS emulator that respects the entire community for its brilliant effort.

It gives exceptional game compatibility, great graphics, and mobile optimization with resolution scaling and gamepad support, texture filtering, and more. Even though it is still in initial access, someone can now download it officially and with no cost from Google Play.

Game boy Advance

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Now everyone is part of this sixth-generation gaming application. Gameboy Advance launched in 2001. The Nintendo DS changed console in 2004.

Even after the interruption, Gameboy stayed on store shelves for a time. If anyone is a 90s or early 2000s child, there are chances to you having this gaming application at least you have checked it once.

Keeping Gameboy Advance gaming application was so much fun at that time. In that era, a handy emulator looked like a technological wonder.

Mario Advance GBA GAMING APPLICATION emulator was the coolest game in the mid of GBA GAMING APPLICATION gamers. This emulator supports n number of games that are still available in the ROM system.

My Boy! GBA Emulator

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One of the most excellent emulators for Android which is preferred by a lot of players, and without a doubt one of the most downloaded emulators. It’s fast, works well with most games, and supports most Android terminals on the market. Also accepts GameShark / ActionReplay / CodeBreaker codes.

Until recently, 2 versions of the emulator coexisted: one free and one paid without ads and more features, such as saving/loading, fast forward, and even synchronization with Google Drive.

However, today only the premium version of the application is available, which implies that we will have to make a payment of about 5 euros to be able to enjoy this excellent emulator for Android of the mythical GBA.


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No $ GBA is another top-level emulator for GBA systems. No $ GBA includes connectivity with other No $ GBA emulators so that you can take pleasure in multiplayer games.

This is attained by mimicking the linking of the GBA link so that you can link with other players over the web or a local network and take pleasure in your games together.

You can make use of this linking to trade Pokémon and fight other Trainers in all Pokémon GBA games, but you can also employ the linking for other games.

Higan GBA Emulator

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Higan GBA emulator is another very promising GBA emulator that permits you to play different games. This emulator is easy to use and has a basic design and is for use on PC. 

In addition to handling GBA games, the Higan GBA emulator supports emulation for Super Famicom, Gameboy Color, Famicom, Mega Drive, and much more. 

This method supports a number of consoles and is simple to configure. It is also friendly with a large number of ROMs and is have a preference by millions of users worldwide.


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BatGBA is another trendy entry on our top 10 GBA emulators list. It is also free, straightforward, and very simple to make use GBA emulator.  The only downside to using this emulator is that it only lacks some superior features.

Players can make use of the keyboard to play. They showed the serious configuration on the Options tab. The keys can also be reset. Players can further regulate the frame rate of the games. You can see the zoom feature in BatGBA GAMING APPLICATION.

RascalBoy Advance

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Like the name, it is easy to use an emulator. Its features include all functionalities that are essential for a good GBA emulator. RascalBoy Advance emulator including a number of plugins.  All of this was enough to make it rank on our top 12 GBA emulators list.

The conclusion, as per above, we have a decent number of options for the game emulator. When choosing between these emulators, the ultimate is to benefit from the fact that they are allowed to try them, which is the unique that greatest to our requirements.