How to Download Images From Google Drive?

Google drive is an awesome online repository for storing documents, images, videos and audio. Each Google account user gets 15GB of online free space where he can store and share data with other Google users.

Not only this, but it also provides a desktop client to upload and download the data to and from the Google drive. 

How to Download Images From Google Drive

Uploading and downloading documents and other media files is very easy on Google drive. All you need to have is a Google account and you get Google to drive access along with it.

How to download an image from Google drive

  1. Make sure the user is logged into a Google account.
  2. Go to The driven page shall open with the repository.
Open Google drive in Browser
  1. In the My Drive, you shall find files and folders available.
  2. The Search in Drive top bar is available on the top. Click that.
Search for your file in Google Drive
  1. Pick the Photos & images option from the list that is shown above.
  2. The filter “type:image” is set and shows all the images available in the drive.
use type:image in search to search only pictures
  1. Click to select the image to be downloaded from the list. The selected image row turns light blue.
select the picture to download
  1. Once selected, click the 3-dot vertical icon to populate the context menu.
right click the picture and select download from the dropdown menu
  1. Choose the Download option visible at the last from the top.
  2. The image is successfully downloaded from Google Drive.

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How to download multiple images at once

  1. Once the “type:image” filter is set and the image list view is shown select multiple images.
  2. To select multiple images, click the image row and press SHIFT and click to select another. Keep doing it for the images to be selected.
For bulk download, select multiple files
  1. Right-click to view the menu. 
right click and select download from dropdown menu
  1. From the list, pick the Download option. The drive automatically creates a zip file of the selected images and downloads all of them at one shot.
  2. Easy and quick way to download images.

Google features come with ease of use

Google Drive is one of the most used features for the users who maintain their files and folders. The files can be easily shared, moved from one folder to another, downloaded or create clones quickly and easily. All Google products are simple and easy to use.