How to Add Neptune Rising

Kodi is an application that works as a media player. To give the user an awesome watching TV experience, Kodi is the software to be used. It is open-source platform and offers a variety of add-ons to view TV shows, Movies, Games and so on. The better the streaming experience, the wider the user base.

How to Add Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is one of the Kodi add-ons that provides some better version streaming links for TV shows and movies. 

The Add-on, “Neptune Rising”

It can be downloaded from here – The installation file is a zip that can be plugged into Kodi.

How to add Neptune Rising 

  1. Open Kodi application.
open Kodi Application
  1. Open settings by clicking the wheel icon shown in the middle of left pane.
  2. The System box needs to be clicked. 
Select system from the boxes options
  1. Add-ons shall be chosen from the left pane.
select add-ons >> unknown sources
  1. Switch ON Unknown sources. The pop up shall ask you to proceed further.
select 'yes' for warning about add-ons
  1. Pick Yes. 
  2. Click the File Manager box from Settings.
add source select file manager box from  settings
  1. Pick the add-on by double-clicking “Add source”.
  2. A pop up appears in the below state.
add file source and browse the file
  1. None shall be chosen. A window shall appear as below.
enter the paths or browse from the media locations
  1. Specify the repo URL as mentioned in the section above.
  2. Specify the repo name as hazmat corner.
  3. OK it. 
  4. Again from Settings → Add-ons.
  5. Pick the option, “Install from zip file”. 
install from the zip files or from install from repository
  1. Pick the repo name – hazmat corner. 
select the repo name hazmat corner
  1. Pick the zip file (blamorepo) as shown.
select and click ok
  1. Next, pick the Install from the repository option.
  2. Pick the Blamo Repo Reborn option from the list of options.
Pick the Blamo Repo Reborn option from the list
  1. Pick Video add-ons. From the list, pick Neptune Rising.
select video add-ons Neptune raising
  1. Click the Install icon located at the bottom.
select install button from bottom
  1. The installation process prompts you to show a list of add-ons that will be installed.
  2. Click OK.
  3. The add-on is installed successfully.


There are user reviews available for Neptune Rising add-on on different channels. During installation, users may encounter issues such as, “unable to connect to server”, “dependency” error or “no stream available” issue. The streaming links are better in Neptune Rising once installed correctly and successfully.

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