How to Create Campaign in Salesforce?

Despite the penetration of social media and instant messengers, the effect of email marketing has its charisma in attracting, converting, and sustaining customers. The world’s most preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Salesforce allows email marketing and campaigns with ease.

According to Salesforce Email marketing stats, 56 per cent of businesses plan to increase their email marketing campaigns to attract more buyers. Campaigns are the best tools for marketers.

How to Create New Campaign in Salesforce?

Salesforce campaigns are a convenient way for companies to generate leads because each licensed user company of Salesforce can send 5000 emails per campaign per day. That’s quite a good reach!

This tutorial explains how to create a Salesforce email campaign from scratch. But before that, let us understand what a campaign in Salesforce is.

What is a campaign in Salesforce?

 A Salesforce campaign is a marketing initiative that helps marketers track the leads and the success rate of email marketing initiatives. Salesforce campaigns offer metrics that decode the number of leads generated deals closed and the overall success rate of the marketing effort.

Campaign in Salesforce is not confined only to email campaigns. It is a flexible CRM tool that lets users create Social Media campaigns, search engine marketing, and telemarketing campaigns as well.

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Steps to create a campaign in Salesforce

To get started with creating a campaign in Salesforce, you should add the Campaign feature first. To do this, go to Home and click on the Edit Icon (pen icon) in the top right corner.

select Home from menu

You can see the tab which lets you add App Navigation Items. To create a campaign in Salesforce, we need to add a Campaign feature.

Hence, click Add More Items and navigate to All and Choose Campaigns.

Select Add more items from left button
Select All and click + capmaingns

Click Add 1 Nav Item.

Select Add 1 Nav Item button

This successfully adds Campaigns to your Navigation Items. Click Save.

New Campaigns is added now click save

If you already added Campaigns earlier and want to find them, you can search for Campaigns in the main Search Menu (dotted icon) at the Home tab.

Search the campaign or select view all
select the newly created campaign

Creating a new Email Campaign in Salesforce

 Once you have added Campaigns, go to Campaigns on the home page. Choose New.

Select new from top-right new button

As mentioned, you can create varying campaigns in Salesforce. Here we are creating an email campaign. Hence, choose Email in the Parent Campaign drop-down menu.

select email to setup email

Now fill in the other attributes. Status may be Planned, Aborted, In Progress, or Completed. Here we select Planned.

select planned  for end date

Similarly, fill out the description and the columns in the Planning section. Do not forget to select the Dates of the Campaign. Click Save.

select the Dates of the Campaign and click save

Now is the time to choose the leads to whom you are sending the email campaign. Choose the sender details from the already saved leads or enter new leads and save them. Click Next.

add leads to campaigns

In the next window, confirm the details and click Submit.

confirm  and click submit

Your Salesforce email campaign is successfully created. Now you should execute the campaign. In other words, time to send the emails to your leads. Enter the personalized email content and then click Save.

create body of email and send the email

Bingo! Salesforce email campaign is successfully launched.