[Guide] How to Delete CVS Account?

CVS (Consumer Value Store) is a Pharmacy App / Web portal based in the United States which takes care of many things around all the pharmacy needs of the U.S residents. The physical store was founded in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts, Anyone outside the United States does not have access to this portal as the CVS pharmacy store is located in the US. 

Quick Guide How to Delete CVS Account

The portal manages refill prescriptions, pill identifiers, drug interactions and many other things around the pharmacy needs of the user. Once the user’s need for pharmacy is over, he/she may choose to delete or deactivate the CVS account. 

Delete CVS Account from Web Portal

  1. Visit www.cvs.com. You shall see the screen below.
Open CVS website and sign in
  1. Use the email address and password to log in. You shall be on the dashboard.
  2. From the top right, choose My Account.
  3. The first tab – Account Profile shall be shown. 
  4. Pick the CarePass option as highlighted.
Go to your account profile
  1. The option highlighted to cancel your membership online is shown.
Cancel cvs membership online
  1. On clicking the option, the below screen shall be displayed.
Add reason and confirm the cancellation
  1. Choose the reason and add your thoughts in the text area that is shown below the Reason drop-down.
  2. Press Submit. The message is shown below.
Click continue to dashboard
  1. To go to the dashboard, press the button – Continue to dashboard.
  2.  The user shall also receive the mail as shown below.
Delete CVS account through  call

Delete CVS Account using Mobile App

The same can be done using the mobile browser. Here are the screens for the same steps.

Delete CVS account through mobile

Delete CVS Account by Calling Customer Care

Another way of cancelling a subscription to the CVS account is by calling customer care @ 1-833-320-CARE. 

The call centre timings are based on Weekdays or Weekends.

  • Weekdays
    • Monday – Friday (8am – 11pm)   
  • Weekends
    • Saturday – Sunday (8:30am – 9pm) 
    • Excluding major holidays


CVS pharmacy is well known for its services in the United States and it is useful for all the pharmacy needs of patients who have subscribed to the online/app portal.

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