How to do Indent Text in Excel Sheet

Indent text in Excel is necessary for fitting titles and column names in the datasheet. There are times that titles are long and you cannot shorten or abbreviate the text in a cell. A small feature, but very very useful. Align text and indent text in Excel is the feature that everyone should know.

Indent Text in Excel Sheet

How to do Indent Text in Excel Sheet 

  1. Open the excel sheet whose data you wish to indent.
  2. Highlight the cell/ cells you wish to indent, making sure the cursor is not blinking within the selection.
  3. Under the “Home” tab, under the “Alignment” group, press the “Increase Indent” icon which is a right-facing arrow.
  4. With each button click, the highlighted text will indent towards the right side.
  5. Choose the “Decrease Indent” icon which is a back-facing arrow to move the text back toward the left in case you go overboard with “indent text”.
Indent Text in Excel Sheet

How to do Indent Using Wrap Text

This option is suitable if the text entry extends beyond the right edge of the cell. 

  1. Highlight the specific cell.
  2. Under the “Home” tab, choose the “Alignment” option, 
  3. Press the “Wrap Text” option.
  4. As a result, Microsoft Excel will visibly make the contents display in multiple lines.

How to indent text in Excel within a cell

It is also possible to indent individual lines in specific cells rather than the whole row.

  1. Highlight the cell or cells.
  2. Switch on the ”Wrap Text”.
  3. Point the cursor into the desired cell.
  4. After typing the desired text in the cell, move to a new line, and press [Alt]+[Enter] together.
  5. In order to indent individual lines of text, a space bar can be useful to insert the desired space.

How to indent text in Excel by changing the value in the Indent option

Alternatively, you can go to the Alignment tab from the Format Cells menu, select the alignment for horizontal and vertical directions and update the points from the Indent split box. 



Excel enables an individual to format the data in a cell in numberless ways. The most common formatting option one can apply is by indenting the contents of a cell or cells by a marginal amount.

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